Struggling to Get Health Coaching Clients? Hereʼs the Key Youʼre Missing

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Are you struggling to get health coaching clients and wondering why itʼs so hard?  Do you spend hours with prospects helping them with health and wellness, but they donʼt hire you?  Or maybe youʼre getting lots of visitors to your website, but no one is calling you for appointments.  If thatʼs you, then it could be you need to discover your key to easily attracting clients.

In this article, youʼll learn what that key is, why it works so well, and how you can easily find your own key.

The Key to Getting Clients Easier

When I first started my business as a web designer, I had some clients who did extremely well and others who got virtually no business at all.  I started studying online marketing strategy to see how I could help them.  I wanted to uncover what was missing from their websites.

What I discovered was so simple, it surprised me.  My clients who were succeeding had a niche and really knew their ideal clients well.  They didnʼt just have a list of subscribers, they had raving fans who loved to interact with them and buy from them.

On the other hand, my clients who were struggling to pay the bills had something they wanted to sell – a product or service – and they were looking for a group of people to sell it to.

And thereʼs a BIG difference between the two.  The first is irresistible.  The other is weak.

Hereʼs a couple of examples…

Example #1:  Letʼs take a look at a health coach who is passionate about holistic health and nutrition.  They love helping people learn how to buy, cook, and eat nutritious food. And all they want to do is build a coaching practice that letʼs them do that.  This is a great example of someone who has something to sell – general health and wellness educational services – and is looking for a group of people to sell it to.  Itʼs hard to get excited about what they are offering and hard to define exactly who their ideal client would be.

Example #2:  Now letʼs take a look at a different health coach who is passionate about holistic health and nutrition. They have a step-by-step program that shows women how to finally break free of food cravings and get back control over their lives in 90 days or less.  Their clients are getting results in as little as one week.  Part of their program includes helping women learn how to buy, prepare, and eat nutritious food, and they even give easy to prepare, yummy recipes in their newsletters.  You can see that this niche is one that people can easily get excited about.  And itʼs very easy to know exactly who their ideal client would be.

Example #1 is a coach struggling to get clients because most people canʼt see the value of what is being offered.  Example #2 is a health coach with raving fans who canʼt wait to see what she is offering next.  Her ideal clients (and others) can clearly see the value of her services and programs.

Why It Works So Well

Most health coaches are reluctant to pick a niche and choose an ideal client because they fear restricting their business growth.  But just the opposite is true.  Itʼs the key that will open the floodgates to your marketing.  Here is why it works so well.

Coaches donʼt sell “stuff”.  They transform peopleʼs lives.  Likewise, people donʼt want to be sold to.  They are desperately looking for a person who can help them solve a problem or achieve a certain result.

Your clients want a relationship with someone who understands their problem better than they do themselves and has the answers.  The way to easily attract prospects is to focus your marketing on a person and talk to them about their problem (and your solution).  And that is your ideal client and your niche.

When you speak or write specifically to your ideal client, you will quickly grab their attention, easily get them interested in your services, and get more sales.

Itʼs hard to create a website that will be relevant to ten different people about ten different problems. It makes your marketing ineffective and much more difficult.  And if thatʼs been your marketing strategy,  itʼs probably why youʼve been struggling so hard to get clients.

On the other hand, itʼs a lot easier to focus on one person and problem and create marketing for solving their biggest challenge.  And in doing so, youʼll get them really excited about working with you because they will clearly see the value of what you are offering.

Find the Key for Your Business

You and your coaching business are unique.  There is no one else out there with your experience, skill-set, training, and talents.  Therefore, the key to easily attracting more clients will be in finding the right ideal client and niche for YOU.

Hereʼs how to get started.  Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers as specifically as possible.  Feel free to give more than one answer per question.

• Who do you most enjoy working with?
• What area or topic do you most enjoy working in with clients?
• In what areas do your clients get the greatest breakthroughs and transformations when working with you?
• What do clients write in the testimonials they give you?  (This can be a huge insight into your unique brilliance, ideal client, and niche.)
• Which clients have the greatest ability to pay you well for your services? (If youʼre not getting paid well, you have a hobby, not a business.)

Look over your answers and find combinations of ideal clients and niches that are good possibilities for you.

Now, pick one!  Before you panic, remember that no one will chisel your decision in stone.  You can always refine your decision and tweak it later.

In fact, I expect that over the next 6-12 months you will make several adjustments.  I did and many of my clients do as well.  And thatʼs a good thing.  (Youʼre not a failure if you donʼt pick the perfect niche on the first attempt.)

If you canʼt logically decide on one niche and ideal client over another, I have two suggestions.  First, see if there is a way to combine your top two favorites into just one niche.  This is often possible if the niches are closely related. Second, go with your gut, instead of logic.  If you canʼt pick one based on logic, pick the one that just “feels right” to you and youʼll rarely be wrong.


I want to help you transform the lives of as many people as possible.  I want to help you easily attract all the clients you can possibly help and have a waiting list.  And the key to achieving this is to be clear and focused on your niche and your ideal client.  All your marketing gets so much easier once this one thing is done.

In the next three months, you can:

• Spend your time trying to serve everybody who can possibly need your help – and continue to struggle to get clients as a result.
• Or remain indecisive about the perfect niche for you – and continue to struggle to get clients as a result.

• Or you can pick a niche and ideal client TODAY using the above strategy  – and have a thriving practice in 90 days or less.

I challenge you to step up to this next level in your business.  I know youʼll love the results.  My clients tell me that this one key alone has turned their business around once they implemented it.

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