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Do You Love Coaching but Struggle With the Business of Coaching?

I’ve been Health coaching since 2009, and the longer I do this, the more I appreciate how important this work is. We are really needed out there.

This left me with a dilemma though – because I LOVE health coaching but I wasn’t in love with the ‘job’ of coaching. I didn’t want to do any of the things I was ‘supposed’ to do to build my business – I just liked the coaching part. Roadblock.

And that leads me here – because I know I’m not the only one. I know oodles of IIN-ers who would love to be coaching, but they’re not, because they don’t have time, because they have jobs and bills and coaching wasn’t paying them. I had a similar dilemma, I was making money, just not enough. I LOVE health coaching but I didn’t want to do any of the things I was ‘supposed’ to do to grow my business – I just liked the coaching part. Roadblock.

If that’s you, you need to know you’re not alone; you haven’t failed; and you can still do this, you just need to know what ‘this’ is – for you. If a client comes to me and says “I need to exercise more but I don’t have time to go to the gym” I help them redefine their definition of ‘exercise’ – do you need to redefine ‘health coaching’?

Jim Rohn said “In order to have more, you need to BE more”. That’s a huge quote to meditate on.

The trick is – WHO do you want to BE?

We have to get real with ourselves. This IS a business, we can’t just be health coaches; we must also be business people. But when you think ‘business person’ what does that conjure up for you? Do you relate? Are you excited or uncomfortable? Could you find a role model you want to emulate, a “business” person you would like to be. We can’t just sit at home and wish and want but nor can we succeed by trying to be someone we’re not.

In order to coach, you need someone who wants to be coached. You need to build relationships, have conversations, and in order to have a conversation you need to know who you are and what you stand for. If this person is to know who you are, YOU need to know who you are.

So here’s a cocktail of high mileage questions for you!

Who do you think you have to be, is that really true?

Who do you WANT to be?

What is the health coaching you would most love to do – is there a vehicle out there that will allow you to do it?

Has a limiting belief of what coaching is, stopped you from looking for that?

They say if you know why, the how will come. That we shouldn’t get hung up on the details of the “how do you”, if we know why we want something bad enough, then we’ll work out how. I didn’t used to get that, but experience has shown me it’s true. But I think maybe we also need to know the “what” and “who”.

Susan Vallelunga

A professional actress for 20 years in film, TV, Theater and Musicals. Susan has also been a certified Personal Trainer and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2009. She has coached private clients in New Zealand and the US, set up practices in 2 Brooklyn Gyms and also coached hundreds of students for IIN.

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