4 Steps to Creating Irresistible Health Coaching Packages

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Youʼve worked really hard on creating a fantastic health and wellness coaching program.  You know that when your clients take action, they are going to get amazing results that will transform their wellbeing and lives.  Youʼre so excited.

You announce your program to the world – in your newsletter, in strategy sessions with prospects, and on your website.  And then you wait for the calls to come in.  Do you get a flood of responses?  Or do you get silence?

If youʼve been in the health coaching business for any length of time, youʼve no doubt experienced both – the excitement and the silence.  You may be wondering why some of your packages and programs are doing great while others get lack-luster results.

In this article, I reveal the 4 critical elements you must have in every health coaching package (or offer) to make it irresistible instead of mediocre.  These steps are really
easy to use once you know what they are.

Step #1 – Offer What They REALLY Want

This first step is what grabs the attention of your ideal client.  It is so easy to get this wrong, and most health coaches miss the mark because they focus on the program features, instead of the benefits clients really want.  Features are hard to sell.  But benefits will grab peopleʼs attention.

Here is the difference.  A feature is what you do.  A benefit is what the client gets.  Menu planning, shopping tours, EFT, and massage are all examples of features that you may be offering your clients.  Getting energy, saving time, getting off medications, and feeling great again are all examples of benefits your clients may achieve when working with you.

When your client looks at your coaching programs, services, or offers, they donʼt really want health coaching, per se.  What they really want is to find a solution to a health problem or achieve a transformation in their lives.

For instance, if you are trying to market cooking classes, then youʼre offering a feature, not a benefit.  This will be hard to sell, and it wonʼt set you apart as being unique.  As a result, youʼll be competing with every other person offering similar cooking classes.

On the other hand, if youʼre helping busy women achieve more energy and vitality with delicious, healthy meals that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, youʼre offering a fantastic benefit, instead of a feature.  Youʼve just set yourself apart as THE expert your ideal client wants to work with.  Your coaching program might include cooking classes, but youʼre now focusing on the transformation they REALLY want – to have more energy, eat great food, and save time in the kitchen.

Now that youʼve grabbed their attention…

Step #2 – Make it EASY

Your ideal client will most likely be skeptical.  Most of them have already tried other ways to get help with their problem, usually with little or no results.  Theyʼve heard all the promises for the latest diet or prescription medicine, but nothingʼs worked for them.  They wonder how hard it will be to implement.  Will they have the self-discipline and time to follow through?  Will it be easy to learn?  Even if it worked for other people, will it work for them?

A great way to overcome these doubts  – and make your program irresistible – is to make the process as easy as possible.  Donʼt expect or ask your clients to figure things out on their own.  Give details and tips for every step along the way so they wonʼt be overwhelmed.  For instance:

• Donʼt just tell them to cut sugar out of their diet.  Provide a checklist of what to substitute for sugar in certain recipes.  Give them alternatives to eat and drink that donʼt have sugar and are easy to buy or fix themselves.
• If you ask them to get something unusual, like fermented coconut milk, give them instructions on where to buy it.  If itʼs in a health food store, say so and tell them which section of the store to look in.
• Give testimonials from other people that say how easy it was to work with you and get results.

One of the best ways to make it easy is with Step #3.

Step #3 – Create a Step-by-Step Process

Your ideal client is often paralyzed with indecision, and they feel completely overwhelmed.  As a health coach, you will often be dealing with prospects who are continually fatigued or are dealing with brain fog. And that can only add to the feeling of overwhelm.

If they are a perfectionist, they may be afraid of trying and failing.  If they are feeling unfocused and confused, they may be afraid to start doing anything.  They will want to know they are working on the right thing at the right time.

Once youʼve grabbed their attention and assured them that it will be easy, the next critical element is showing them that you have a step-by-step system that not only works, but eliminates (or greatly reduces) the feelings of overwhelm and confusion.  Clients love this.

Step-by-step processes will give your ideal client confidence, clarity, and focus.  They can be assured that they can do this and get the transformation they are looking for.  Having this in your coaching program will make it simply irresistible.

But there is one more critical element needed in order to attract high-paying clients.

Step #4 – Convey the Value

Miss this final step, and youʼll end up working for peanuts, with a hobby instead of a profitable health coaching business.

Have you ever spent time with a prospect and had them really excited about your services, but as soon as they heard the fee, they lost interest?  Itʼs so discouraging.  You start to wonder if youʼre charging too much or what you might have said differently that could have changed their mind.  What probably happened is that you didnʼt convey the value of what you were offering before you asked them to buy the program or hire you. And this is a key to attracting high-paying clients.

Letʼs go back to the cooking class example mentioned in Step #1.  What is the value of a cooking class?  Well, they can watch cooking videos all day long on YouTube for free.  So when looked at in that context, there isnʼt much value.

But how much is it worth to them to have more energy and vitality in their life?  Imagine the value if they can wake up in the morning and actually feel great, to go through the day without feeling hungry and tired, to get home from work and not feel drained.

What is the value to them to be able to fix delicious, healthy meals that help them have this lifestyle?  How much is it worth to them if those meals cost less and take less time to prepare than to order and pick up take-out?  That has to be worth several hundred dollars per month, at least.  After all, look at what it costs to get take-out from most restaurants these days for a family of four.

Now imagine conveying that value and then giving the investment in the coaching program.  See the difference?  That is irresistible.


Irresistible coaching programs have four critical elements, and you can apply these in four easy steps to any of your packages, programs and offers…

1. Offer what they REALLY want
2. Make it EASY
3. Create a step-by-step process they can easily follow with confidence
4. Convey the value before giving them the investment amount

Look over your own programs and see where you can start applying each of the above steps.  You will be amazed at how quickly you start getting more clients and more sales more often.  Itʼs what your ideal client really wants to buy from you.

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