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What are the secrets to writing emails that turn prospects into health coaching clients? Why is it some emails get opened and acted upon right away while others sit unopened in the inbox for
days.  Or worse, they get deleted before they are even read.

These are a few of the questions I had about email marketing when I first started as a consultant.  I wanted to know what to write and how to structure my messages so I got more clients.

In this article, Iʼm going to share with you a few of my top email marketing secrets that turn prospects into clients.

Email Marketing Secret #1 – What to Write

Not sure what to write in your emails to turn prospects into clients?  Here are three tips to help you focus, grab attention, and get them to take action.

1. Focus on the action you want them to take.

What is it you want them to do after reading your message?  It may be you want them to check out your latest video, visit a page on your website, sign up for a free teleseminar, or request a free strategy session with you.

Whatever it is, make sure your content is written to motivate them to take that action.

For example, letʼs say youʼre a health coach specializing in working with pre-school children with allergies.  Youʼve just created a new, free training video and you want them to visit your webpage to watch it.  Thatʼs the action you want them to take.  What else can you include in the video to motivate them?

Here are a few things you can include.  Add an image of the video in the email that hyperlinks to the webpage.  Tell them how they (and their child) will benefit from watching the video and give the title.  Explain a little about why you created the video just for them. Donʼt tell them what is in the video content, though.  You want them to watch the video, not read about it.

2. Create attention-grabbing subject lines.

A prospect canʼt take the action you want them to take unless they first open the email and read it.  So create a subject line using attention-grabbing words and phrases.  Or ask a question that they really want the answer to.

Letʼs continue with the example above and say that the video topic is foods that help children have better focus and mental alertness.  Then an attention-grabbing subject line might be “Foods that make your kids smarter…and what foods to avoid”.

Most of all, avoid boring subject lines like, “Foods your kids need to eat”.

3. Create urgency.

Give them a good reason why they need to take action now.  Some strategies that work really well for health coaches and consultants are:
• available for a limited time only
• on sale now
• limited number available
• special bonus if you take action by the deadline

Email Marketing Secret #2 – Frequency and Intervals

If youʼre just getting started with online marketing, the first emails you are likely to create is to prospects who have visited your website and opted in for your free irresistible offer.  Once they opt-in (or subscribe), you have them on your list.  Next, you send them your free offer, newsletter, and a series of email messages (called an email campaign).

How often do you send emails and how many days do you wait between messages?  Online marketers have tested this extensively, and Iʼll share some of their findings with you.

When your ideal prospect first contacts you or subscribes, their desire for your services is at a peak.  They have a health problem, and they want help NOW – not next week, not three days from now.  Your goal is to keep their interest in you up and give them as much value as possible to establish you as the expert they want to work with.

Therefore, you want to send them an email every day for at least one week, preferably two weeks.  After that cut it back to once every 2-3 days and then eventually a newsletter every week or every two weeks.

Hereʼs the key.  Youʼre not hassling them.  You are helping them achieve the health transformation they so desperately need and desire by sending them free valuable information.  That means that the specific action you are asking them to take will deliver value to them.

If they really are your ideal prospect, youʼre doing them a huge favor and giving them a gift.  They will be very thankful.  If they arenʼt your ideal prospect, they will unsubscribe, and thatʼs fine, too.

Email Marketing Secret #3 – Length of Emails

With emails, the shorter the better.  Shorter messages get read sooner and more people read them.  How many times have you opened up an email, skimmed to the bottom, decided it was too long to read right now, and closed it?

I recommend that you write your emails so that they can be printed on a sheet of paper or two sheets at the most.  (Iʼm assuming, of course, that the content prints across most of the page width.)  That will give you 300-500 words of content.

Remember that your purpose is NOT to give them a lot of information in the email.  Itʼs to get them to take a specific action. When they click on the link and get to the video, webpage, or article, they will then get the valuable content you have for them.

One exception to this rule is the length of your newsletter.  Itʼs fine to have a newsletter with 500-1000 words.


Itʼs not just critical to follow up with prospects.  Itʼs important to do it the right way.  Do it wrong, and youʼll lose the prospect forever.  Do it right, and youʼve got a happy client for life.  The above strategies will help you do it right!

My clients have reported great conversion rates using the email marketing tips and strategies I teach them when building their websites.  If you arenʼt satisfied with your email response rate, try the suggestions above.  I know youʼll be pleased with the results.

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Thanks for sharing this with us.

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