You Talk, People Listen, You Have Health Coaching Clients

As a health coach, you cultivate a profound ability to listen to people without interruption.

You allow the client to come to many of their own insights. You have the power of open ears!

Wouldn’t it be cool though, if, you know, every once in a while, you got to spout your glorious wisdom and passion?

I mean, to have people hang on every word and thank you for sharing what you love to talk about…that would be nice right?

And wouldn’t it be cool if you got paid or got clients from the talking?

Yeah, it is cool. And I am going to tell you exactly how you can do just that.

Use Public Speaking To Add Health Coaching Clients And Revenue


You are going to learn the specific structure I used to get clients from public speaking to build a practice in the most competitive market in the country. In Boulder, Colorado, I had a full practice within a year of graduation. Public speaking works.

You will also get links to three resources. If you are serious about building a business and think you can follow directions, this education can add – I am not exaggerating – hundreds of thousands of dollars to your practice in the next decade. In fact, it might even salvage your business.

You see, the biggest challenge for health coaches, is getting clients. And there is no shortage of people that need your help. But there is a shortage of education. That is why you need to educate your market.

CAVEAT: This really only works in mid to large metropolitan areas. If you live in a small town or rural area, it will be difficult to find groups of people to speak to consistently. However, there are other approaches in smaller markets, but that is not the system I am covering here. I want to be totally transparent with you so you know what to expect. If you live in or near a city or burgh with a population of 120,000 or more, what you will learn today will apply.

Now, if you think about it, when you learn what I am sharing with you, you can apply it over and over and over again, improving your system and results and creating a reliable path for becoming slightly famous in your community and generating buzz, press and education that moves people to action. In this way, your marketing is actually a benefit to your community. How cool is that? (Ice cold).

Step By Step Instructions:

First, you brainstorm what you’d love to speak about. I suggest including sugar blues. This outline from IIN is perfect. It is done for you. It works. I used it. I got clients. Sure, I evolved other talks, but I started with Sugar Blues. Why? Because I was told that it works. My friends that did not start with the sugar blues outline from IIN, never really got their material tight and it didn’t work, they got discouraged and gave up. Now you can also come up with a few more titles that you are passionate about.

Second, you brainstorm the problems you want to solve or the people you want to serve. This will draw on your passions, your interests and your life story. Example; My father and aunt died from type 1 diabetes, so I often spoke to groups of people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Third, find the best overlap between the topics that you love and the problems you want to solve and the people you want to serve.

Fourth, get online and search for groups associated with what you love, the problems you want to solve and the people you want to serve. If you want to serve moms, search for mom groups. If you want to serve professionals, search for Rotary clubs, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, etc. In fact, no matter what you are doing, I always advise speaking at these service clubs. So go ahead and get online and search for service clubs in your city. Listen to the link to the $150 Teleclass (we will give it to you) titled, Exactly What to do, Where to go, What to say, To Get Clients From Public Speaking. This will walk you through exactly what I am referring to.

Fifth, write out a script to say to people when booking yourself speaking engagements. Again, listen to the teleclass we have attached here for detailed instructions. You can also download the PDF which we have attached which will have a shorter version of the same instructions.

Sixth, now that you have booked your speech. Rehearse the heck out of it! And especially rehearse the beginning and MOST especially, rehearse the ending and the closing invitation to work with you. This is where I am 99% of health coaches had the biggest weakness when starting out. I wanted people to like me and I figured that if they were interested, they would pick up my card. NO – people need time to think through the decision to improve their health. You need to take responsibility to showing them that there is another way than medication and complacency. That is why you practice a powerful close. The average professional will spend more dining out each month than it would cost to work with you. Be willing to get in their face a little.

Listen, this is really that simple. But you might need to understand more of the nuance of these steps, so we included these links to source material that you can study to kick your practice into high gear.

Is This Really Scary?

You may be thinking, “yeah right, I could never do that, too scary.” You know, you might surprise yourself. Give a try. “But I am an introvert!” Introverts are often the best speakers, because they are less concerned with making an impression and more concerned with delivering the talk point by point. And, speaking actually connects you to yourself at a deep level.

Besides, which is scarier, speaking in a group or not having any health coaching clients? We must not ask for life to be easy, we must ask for life to be worth it. If your dream is big enough to inspire you to bust through your fears, then you are onto something. And right now, aren’t there hundreds, thousands, millions of people suffering without need, just because no-one took the time to get real with them about their health. I think that is a pretty inspiring mission.


Seth Braun

Seth Braun works with high profile clients in Spain, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany and more. His first book became a surprise best-seller at Border's and his most recent book, Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business hit Amazon best-seller status in two categories. Braun is a certified 4 Gateways Coach, certified 4 Gateways Trainer, certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and professional speaker for small, mid and large corporation conferences and association meetings.

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