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How to Write the Perfect SEO Blog

Have you started a blog yet? As more and more competition comes onto the market, it isn’t enough to just pour your heart out on the screen.

Blogging as a strategy requires diligence to ensure that all your social media networks, as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn groups, are exposed to your work.

As a copywriter and editor, I’ve been editing more blogs than I care to admit in the last few weeks. Let’s review the qualities that compose the best SEO blogs:

Thesis Statement

Just like writing in college, you should start an SEO blog with a statement that sums up what you intend to discuss in your blog.

Stay away from “in this blog” or “today I’ll discuss” statements. Instead, be specific about your exact train of thought:

  • Let’s take a look at how hidden sugar is causing you to gain weight by discussing the six key sources of sugar.
  • Discussing the bioavailability of key nutrients will help you establish where your diet is lacking.
  • As part of a nutritious daily routine, these are the steps I follow to ensure a balanced diet.

Support of Thesis

The body of your blog will speak to support the claim that you made in your thesis statement. That’s it. Just present the facts that support the main topic you want to discuss.

Resolution to the Issue

Now that you’ve presented the information related to the blog, tell us what the solution is to any obstacle. The real value to a reader is in resolving their problems and giving them something new to try:

  • Try switching to all-natural sweeteners like agave nectar, honey, and maple syrup.
  • Instead of a daily vitamin, phytonutrients from vegetables and fruits may be a better choice.
  • If nutrition is a challenge for you, take food with you when you travel. I also…

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SEO Blogging Beyond the Basics

Now, you have a basic start to writing an SEO blog, right? Let’s review another round of tips and tricks that will help you be a better writer:

  • The thesis should always revolve around something you can resolve for the ready with the products or services you offer. “Gaining Weight? Here’s my diet plan, etc.”
  • Add a link to your email list or free resource in each blog, “Grab my free calorie count card here.”
  • Be aware of keywords in your blogs: Use the same word about four times for every 500 words, Sugar-free diets, Detox from sugar, All natural sweeteners, etc.

If you are only going to write one or two blogs a month, you should be spending at least two hours to make them a work of art. To enhance the quality of your blogs:

  • Use several pictures to support your comments; infographs work great
  • Base your blogs on research and facts in lieu of soft ROI (i.e. Columbia University revealed that…)
  • Write longer posts, up to 1,500 words so you target secondary keywords

Getting Every SEO Blog Noticed

A few of my clients thought they’d have a little fanfare when they finally started publishing blogs. Unfortunately, blog results aren’t always something you see right away.

Instead, you have to think about swimming in a pool of fish (or sharks!) You know something is in the water, but you probably don’t see it under the surface.

Your blogs are setting you up to get business, you just don’t know when, and you never know who’s out there. They are acting to position you as the expert, showcase your knowledge of a topic, and help you get found on the internet (via SEO keywords.)

Even when the going gets tough, keep going. Keep writing, and keep following a solid formula to make your SEO blog fishing a success.

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