Want the BEST Health Coaching Clients? Hereʼs Where to Start…

Whatʼs stopping you from getting better health coaching clients?  Are you settling for clients who make too many demands on your time?  Or who donʼt pay promptly?  Or who expect their health to be transformed in ten minutes?

When you dreamed about being a health coach, you probably pictured clients who LOVED working with you and got great results.  They were happy to pay your fees for services and referred you to all their friends.

If the dream hasnʼt matched up with your present reality, take heart. The problem isnʼt hard to fix once itʼs identified.  But the problem probably isnʼt what you think it is.

Most health coaches think the problem centers around ineffective marketing. And that could well be contributing to it.  But in actuality, you are probably a victim of complacency and compromise.

Here are 3 areas where health coaches let complacency and compromise sneak into their business and sabotage their marketing and income.  Hereʼs what those areas are and what to do about it.

1.  Complacency with Your Marketing

At some point in trying to get clients, you probably figured out that marketing is hard work.  Itʼs not a secret.  But if you donʼt have a great marketing strategy, it can be REALLY hard work.  As a result, you may not be marketing consistently and may even be complacent about getting it done.

But when done right, marketing is actually a lot of fun.  Sure, it takes effort to write an article or talk to a prospect.  But there is tremendous joy in knowing you are transforming their lives for the better.  As a health coach, you can make the difference between whether they go about their day feeling tired or feeling great.

If you donʼt market consistently, youʼll end up with less lead generation and prospects. And that leads to fewer prospects to choose from and fewer health coaching clients.

Also, if your best potential clients donʼt hear from you regularly through emails, newsletters, videos, articles, and/or training, theyʼll go somewhere else for help.  The prospects youʼll be left with will be few and far between.

Which leads us to the second area we get complacent…

2.  Compromising on Who Your Ideal Client Is

Be honest.  Who are you willing to work with?  Are you signing up only clients who really need the health and lifestyle transformation you deliver?  Or are you willing to sign up any warm body with money to pay you?

I know that may sound harsh if youʼre a health coach just starting out and struggling to get clients.  You may think that itʼs better to accept any client and pay the bills than wait for the ideal client you want to work with.  But over the years, Iʼve learned the lesson that you really donʼt want to compromise on who you work with.

Early in my business, I accepted clients that were not my ideal client, but they were willing to hire me.  And since I didnʼt know much about how to attract my ideal client, I was happy for the work.

As a result, I often ended up with a very difficult client who was demanding and never satisfied.  They questioned my advice, often didnʼt follow through, didnʼt get great results, and some asked for extensions on payments.

On the other hand, when I finally decided to only work with my ideal client, my business changed dramatically.  I had clients who LOVED working with me.  They got great results, happily paid my fee, and respected my time and boundaries.  They talked about me to all their friends.

And did I mention they got really great results?  Their marketing was literally transformed from mediocre to irresistible in a matter of weeks.

So learn from my hard-earned lesson.  Donʼt compromise on who your ideal client is and only work with your ideal client.  Youʼll be happier and your business will flourish.

Now, here is how you can attract an abundance of ideal prospects to choose from…

3.  Complacency About Your Value

You know who you want to work with and the health benefits your clients receive from working with you.  But do you really know the VALUE of the transformation they receive?

Too many health coaches underestimate the value of what they deliver – both in terms of dollar amount and improved life for their clients.  As a result, their prospects often donʼt realize the value either.

Hereʼs an example of how to place value on what you do.

Take a health coach who reverses dyslexia in children.  (One of my clients does this.)  What is the monetary value?  The child doesnʼt earn more money.  However, chances are pretty good that the parent has been spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on therapy with limited results.

What is the non-monetary value?  This is HUGE and PRICELESS.  A child with a learning disability causes a significant disruption in the life of their parents and siblings.  Picture parents with lots of stress, little time, and complete overwhelm. Theyʼve usually been struggling with this issue for years.

What do you think itʼs worth to them to have this dyslexia problem “go away” and have a “new, vibrant child”?  Now imagine what itʼs worth to them if they can see these results in as little as 3 months or even 1 week?

Now, think about the transformation you provide as a health coach?  How can you use this same reasoning to determine the value of what you offer?

Are your ideal clients overwhelmed, exhausted, or in physical/emotional pain?  Are their relationships strained?  Are they spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on solutions that just cover up some of the symptoms?  Are they missing work days or promotional opportunities in their career because of their health issues?

Remember, if youʼre complacent about the value of what you are offering, your clients will be, too.  But if you know the transformation you offer is easily worth $3,000 for you to take them step-by-step through a 6-month program, then convey that to them.  Your ideal clients will happily pay it.

When you really understand the value of what you deliver, youʼll be able to:
• increase your package prices
• state your fees with confidence
• have clients excited to work with you
• charge what youʼre worth and get it
• get the BEST clients to work with


If you want great clients on a consistent basis, the solution could be as simple as recognizing where complacency has sneaked up on you and then getting rid of it.  Kick complacency and compromise out of your life.

Go back to your dreams for your health coaching business.  Who do you really want to work with?  What awesome transformations and breakthroughs do clients get when working with you?  What is the transformation worth to them – both in dollars and in the enjoyment of life?

Get these three areas lined up, and youʼll be well on your way to creating irresistible marketing for more clients and more sales more often.

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