Using Images To Attract Health Coaching Clients

Using Images To Attract Health Coaching Clients



Are you sharing any original images on social media?  If not, check out the video below.  This week I decided to shoot a video instead of my normal blog post, so I could show you a few quick tips on how to start using images in your marketing.

In this video I cover some of the basics of using images to attract health coaching clients.  What we are really doing is building engagement and growing your tribe.  As you hear me repeat over and over, just aiming at getting clients, while important, should not be your first and primary goal.  Building a tribe that loves your work will naturally lead to clients.

I had a great experience using images on Facebook last week that is totally un-business related.  We found my brother’s lost dog, who ran away scared during the fireworks.  More than 35,000 people in the local area saw the picture from a simple 36 hour Facebook ad.

[videomate id=4]

As promised, here is the code you need in order to link an image from your website to another page, note that the _target=blank is needed to open the image in a new window.  This is pasted either in the html editor of your website or if you are using a wordpress blog put it in a text box in one of the widget areas.

<a href=”” target=_blank><img src=”http://your_image_url.jpg” border=0></a>

This can take people to another page on your website, a landing page, another website, any web page that you have the URL for.

I talk about two kinds of images in the video:

  1. For creating engagement – Part of building a tribe is to build engagement.  One of the easiest ways to do this on sites like Facebook and pinterest is by sharing images with a message that people will like, comment on, and/or share.  To find out more about how to pin images from your website, go to
  2. For collecting leads – Do you have a free offer, or an event you are doing.  You should definitely have a dedicated landing page for all of these and when sharing images for these, make sure to share the link for the page early in the description.  This is a major mistake I see people on Facebook make.  They write a really long description and then put the link at the end, where most people will never see it.  If the image grabs someone’s attention and it speaks to them, they will probably just click the link before even reading a long description.  A link in the first 2 lines and then one at the end is a good practice.

Health Coach Webinar

This is an image you see me use a lot.  As you can tell I am not a graphic designer, but it is still quite effective.  If you are a health coach that is interested in the content you will sign up.  I’m not really trying to appeal to a mass market, just a very specific group of people.

The page you land on,, is created using an amazing tool called Lead Pages.  Next week I am hosting a special webinar with the creator Clay Collins.  I did more of a sales webinar a couple of months ago that people raved about.  This will be more of a how – to training, for things like creating free offer landing pages, webinar and teleseminar sign up pages, and one of my new favorites, how to use Google Hangouts to do a webinar.  With the price of GoTo Webinar ranging from $99 / month and up, having a free way to hold webinars is going to be one of this years game changers, especially for people just getting started in their business or with webinars.

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