Education Based Marketing

Using Education Based Marketing To Turn Visitors Into Clients

Have you started doing any sort of events yet?  The choices are many, from a small intimate group at your local health food store or library to a teleseminar or webinar with hundreds of people on it.  If you are scared of public speaking or don’t want your face on a video, start with webinars.  I can relate, this was one of my biggest fears when I was getting started.  You mean I’m running on an online business but I still have to talk in front of lots of people?  The short answer is YES, this is the quickest way to build your tribe, become seen as “the expert” and get new clients.


The Power of Event Based Marketing

I am continually asked what is the best way to get clients quickly.  Without a doubt, doing more public events, whether online or offline is the fastest way to get more clients.  Putting an optin form on your website for people to get more information about you or your free gift is important and necessary, but that is for the more long term strategy.  If you need clients quickly, you will have to work through the fear and just get out there.

In last weeks issue, I went into the steps for an easy way to market your event.  In this week’s article, I want to talk more about education based marketing.

Education Based Marketing Warms Up Your Tribe

So now that you’ve done a few events as I suggested and started to build a list of people that are looking to you as the expert, how do you turn more of them into clients?  I know a lot of health coaches are not to crazy about the whole “selling” process so this is where education based marketing comes into play.

You know you’re tribe better than anyone, so you need to continually give them high quality information that they can use.

Doing events isn’t just to get new people into your sales funnel however, it is a good strategy all the way through the process.  Maybe someone came to a free talk you gave, and got on your email list.  No matter what you were offering (hopefully something, even if only a free consultation) there is a fairly high chance that they did not take you up on it.

People need time and exposure to grow to know, like and trust you.  Especially until people get to know who you are, they are unlikely to want to invest large amounts of money with you.

So your next event is online and you teach some great stuff and at the end of your webinar or teleseminar you tell people about this awesome group program you have coming up next month.  The people that just joined your list after finding out about the event are less likely to join you than the people that were on your free webinar two months ago and have spent the last 2 months reading your blog posts, emails and getting to know who you are and what you do.

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat…and Systematize

Once you do a few of these, you will learn what works and what doesn’t for your audience.  The first time you create a squeeze page or a sales page online is an arduous process, but the good news is this is a skill you can learn.  Like any other skill, when you are first starting it seems overwhelming and once you master it, it feels very natural.

Setting up your very first sales funnel, even just for a free teleseminar seems like a monumental task.  But once you have learned all the steps it becomes very easy to do the next time.  Another great part is that you will come up with talks that people love and you can repeat them over time.  If you have a few of these up your sleeve for lead generating purposes, you can do 1 a month and only repeat yourself every 4 months.

As you get more comfortable with this and get systems in place to make it all flow, marketing becomes much less of a chore and more of a joy.  People really want to hear what you have to teach.  Do whatever it is you need to if this is one fears to either get over it, or as one of my favorite sayings goes…”feel the fear and do it anyway.”  There you go, my loving kick in the pants to get you into action for the week.  I know I have certainly needed a lot of those along the way (and continue to).

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Danielle Shea Tan - April 12, 2013

Awesome webinar Geoff! Thank you for sharing the content with us. I am going to run some sponsored posts this week actually because you taught me the ropes! Where can I find guidance on creating a squeeze page? Thank you

    Geoff Young - April 16, 2013

    I’m really glad you enjoyed it Daniella. Let me know how it goes. I do some training in my members area which is now only for DMC members, but will probably expand in the future. Do you have a wordpress website? If so, I can probably recomend a couple of tools I have used. Some of it depends on how tech savvy you are and if you think you will be building a bunch of them, different ways to do it.

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