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How to Use Your Blog to Build Your Health Coaching Business

As a health coach, you may get overwhelmed with the tech, marketing and social media side of building your business. It can be very confusing and you’re probably hearing more advice than you know what to do with.If you only try one new thing to build your business this year, use your blog. There’s a lot of potential benefit to be gained through just this one tool.Maybe you don’t blog because you think you’re no good at writing or you don’t know what to write about. You might think because you send out newsletters and use Facebook, you don’t need to use your blog.However, your blog serves a bigger purpose than email marketing and social media. While those are excellent places to be, your website’s blog is a powerful marketing and business building tool.

Your Blog Can Boost Your SEO and Build Your List

Keep your blog updated with fresh articles, use keywords, categories and tags, and your website’s reach will grow to attract new traffic. Include a call-to-action at the end of each post, to lead your reader to get your free gift and join your email list.

Share the link to your new posts in social media and in your email marketing campaigns, to draw new traffic to your health coaching website.

Begin by posting at least twice each month, then increase to a weekly schedule and if it works for you, try posting more than once a week.

Don’t worry if you don’t like writing. Your blog posts can be a combination of brief articles, audio recordings, video embeds, recipes, links and photos.

And I’ve found, the more you write, the easier it gets. Here’s a few quick tips to get you started:

  • know your ideal client and write directly to him or her in your own voice
  • be clear about the top 3 concerns your ideal client wants to resolve
  • use a consistent, personal tone throughout your writing
  • post to your blog at least twice each month to start
  • the more you write, the more ideas you’ll come up with
  • forget about perfectionism and just be yourself

Get Started with Blogging Today

Don’t be a “best kept secret”. You are a creator, an artist, the designer of your business and your life.

Every time you create a blog post you are deepening your understanding of your passion, generating new ideas, sharing your expertise and moving your health coaching business forward.

You’ll build confidence in yourself as an expert with every word you write.

Here’s the truth:
  • if you can speak, you can write a blog post
  • if you can write an email, you can write a blog post
  • if you’re not a terrific typist, make spellcheck your best friend
  • there is far more to be gained by blogging than you realize now

Start today and in six months you’ll have 12 published blog posts and you’ll feel awesome about yourself. You’ll be building a collection of content to repurpose into social media posts, teleclass topics, guest blog posts, client materials, ebooks and more.

You’ll experience your health coaching business at another level. You could increase your email list, book more initial consultations and work with more clients.

You will fire up your creativity. You will experience more fun and more satisfaction in your business. Fun plus satisfaction equals more success and more money, because you’re just so much more attractive.

If you’re not sure what to write about, try this quick written exercise: list the top 10 questions your clients or friends ask you about how to eat healthy or [insert your specialty here]. Don’t think about it too long, just write the first 10 things that pop into your mind.

Depending on how specific or broad the questions are, you now have at least 10 blog post topics to use and most likely, far more than that, from just this list. See how you could break up some of these questions into 2-3 blog posts.

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is an excellent platform to build a professional website for your health coaching business with an integrated blog that’s easy to use.

If you’ve got a WordPress website, but you haven’t started blogging because you’re not sure how, get the WordPress User Manual to make it easier.

Just click here to get your FREE downloadable copy.

Not on WordPress yet? Have a look at the new Website Starter Kit if you’re ready to go pro with a WordPress website of your own, at a very budget-friendly price.

To you and your awesome business,

Heather Cottrell

Heather Cottrell shows coaches, bloggers, wellness pros and other mompreneurs how to grow your business online. Get expert support and coaching around content creation, social media strategies and digital marketing specially designed for creative professionals with a mindset for success. Find Heather Cottrell Business Services at and on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn.

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