Self sabotaging traps

Top 5 Self-Sabotaging Traps for Holistic Health Professionals


In this special article, written exclusively for the Health Coach Weekly community, you’ll learn how to liberate yourself from the first two traps that have denied you your full expression of success, gratitude and abundance.

Trap #1. False belief: “There is too much competition and not enough clients”

False or limiting beliefs are the number one cause of failure for health coaches. Yet if you look a little deeper, it is not really just false beliefs. It is conflicting beliefs.

No one says to themselves when they wake up in the morning, “Gee, I wish I could have a bad attitude about my business. And while I am at it, I think I will create some false beliefs to keep me stuck!”

What actually happens is this:

You set goals. You start taking action. You want to succeed. You want to have a full practice, help a ton of people, eat organic food and celebrate life!

You know that your services are valuable. You know that health should be guarded like a treasure. So you believe that you deserve to get paid the market equivalent for a professional service. You have spent years studying the field of health and nutrition. It is your passion! You know in your heart that your health coaching is the missing piece of the health care puzzle and your work is part of a great mission.

Yet deep down inside, there is a contradictory view. Something maybe you picked up from your family. Maybe you learned that you can’t make an abundant living doing what you love. Or maybe deep down you think that you should be giving away your services because everyone deserves health.

You start working towards your goal. But the conflict inside your heart and mind puts on the brakes.

Breakthrough Insight Alert!

There are no positive or negative beliefs. There are just beliefs. Our life conforms exactly to what we believe. Conflicting beliefs neutralize or cancel each other out. And you are left feeling frustrated, with tension in your neck and jaw.

Key #1. The Miracle Action Plan – I developed the MAP out of this trap so that you can get clear on what you want to create, discover conflicting beliefs and consciously erode the limitation while magnetizing the belief that supports your creative goals. Remember, 80% of success in business is psychology, 20% is skill.

To request a recording of the Miracle Action Plan webinar, which includes a guided meditation and the full explanation, email

Trap #2. Fatigue from money fear knocks the enthusiasm out of you.

Fear is a mind killer”

– From Dune, by Frank Herbert

Fear is the universal destroyer. As I say in my book, “If you can face your fear and not shrink back, then you are a demi-God.” The rest of us have to learn to handle fear.

There are three kinds of fear.

1. Fear as Energy to do your best.

2. Fear as Wisdom

3. Fear as Illusion

Most of the time, fear is nothing more than energy. How we direct and use that energy is the key to our success. Unfortunately, most people rob themselves of their riches. They avoid fear. They label fear as a problem. They try to hide from normal, natural aspects of living and growing.

Sometimes, fear is the wisdom expressed in a hunch or a gut feeling. “Don’t sign a contract with this person,” your belly tells you. Then you find out the next day that the company is fraudulent.

I had a hunch recently that I refused to acknowledge. I told myself a story to justify my decision. I found myself in a horrible situation that embarrassed not only me, but my wife and kids as well. I was disgusted with myself. There were several times that my intuition sent up red flags. But I didn’t listen. However, my family and I learned from the experience, so it wasn’t a total loss.

But the fear that really bites us; the fear that leaves us out in the cold, is really an illusion. The illusion is that this irrational fear is essential to our safety, security and well-being. What we often fail to realize is the toll fear takes on our mind and body. Fear is like a bad pimp, “Come on baby, you need me.” It promises to protect us, keep us safe. But the truth is that fear dims our senses, betrays our judgment and robs us of our gratitude. Positive books say, “just focus on what you want,” so too often fear is ignored. Then it jumps out of the shadows and clamps down.

The only way past fear is through it. The only way to destroy the beast is to face it. Then you see that it is an illusion. An illusion that we have to bring to the light first.

HOLD ON! Have you ever looked at your bills due in the next month and thought, “how am I going to pay those without 3 new clients?” Or, have you ever been given an invitation to speak to a large group of potential clients and found yourself shaking with fear, before you even said yes?

Are you meaning to say that these are illusions? You’re trippin’!

Will Smith said it best in the trailer for the new movie, After Earth. Danger is real, fear is a choice.

The only way to move through it is to face it, get clear and take action with courage.

Contrary to popular belief, courage is not the absence of fear, it is action in the presence of fear. Warriors are cultivated by feeling fear and acting anyway.

So, are you a warrior?

“I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing……Only I will remain.”

– The Litany Against Fear, from Dune, by Frank Herbert

At Naropa University, we trained as Warrior-Artists. Our credo is borrowed from a 12th century Buddhist Warrior-King-Saint.

Heart Open, Mind Awake, Body Firm

Key #2. When you experience fear, it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. As the Litany Against Fear above suggests, you must develop a practice for feeling fear and letting it pass through. Learn how to kick the pimp of fear out of your mental and emotional house by picking up the mini eBook, Indestructible Success: Unstoppable Courage.

In the next issue of Health Coach Weekly, you will learn about the next three traps that keep you down and how you can liberate yourself from the prison of self-doubt, overwhelm and confusion.

Seth Braun

Seth Braun works with high profile clients in Spain, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany and more. His first book became a surprise best-seller at Border's and his most recent book, Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business hit Amazon best-seller status in two categories. Braun is a certified 4 Gateways Coach, certified 4 Gateways Trainer, certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and professional speaker for small, mid and large corporation conferences and association meetings.

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Katherine Kellogg - April 24, 2013

This newsletter and information came at just the right time. I have been faced with a real lul in my coaching practice this month as clients finish up their programs and I am told “not now” by several corporate and group accounts that I thought for sure would pan out. My fear of hearing just one more “sorry, but not right now” has kept me from making more inquiries.
Now, I am inspired to stand back up like the confident warrior I know I can be and keep moving forward, trying new options and techniques.

    Seth Braun - April 25, 2013

    I love to hear of your courage.
    We must muster the persistence to keep taking action.
    Good for you for breathing deep and find that in yourself.

Vladimir - April 25, 2013

Great stuff Thank you!

Rachel Almstedt - April 25, 2013

Thank you for this article. I am learning to let go of limiting beliefs and get out of my own way to grow my business.

    Seth Braun - April 25, 2013

    You’ll get even more tools for those little buggers in the 2nd half of this two part article when I cover “the key to banish doubt and cultivate unshakeable confidence”
    Thanks for reading!

Csilla Bischoff - April 25, 2013

Excellent article! Seth rocks!

Seth Braun - April 25, 2013

Thanks Csilla!

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