Self sabotaging traps

Top 5 Self-Sabotaging Traps for Holistic Health Professionals


In this special article, written exclusively for the Health Coach Weekly community, you’ll

learn how to liberate yourself from the final three traps that have denied you your full
expression of success, gratitude and abundance.
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Trap #3. Self-Doubt: If I am so good at my work, why can’t I get clients?

Did you ever have a dream where you were running in the shadows from some unknown
predator? That slow moving molasses feeling. Like you are trying so hard to escape, but
you just… can’t… move…

We repeat the sludge-foot stepping in real life when we indulge in destructive self-doubt.

Our first two traps, False Beliefs and Fear (see article one) got all hot and steamy and

bore a demon child and called it Self-Doubt.

If the Sun and Moon should doubt
They would soon go out
– William Blake – Auguries of Innocence

Self-Doubt whittles away your momentum. It is inward directed fear based on false
beliefs. And it is especially brutal for the intelligent world changer. We can see the whole
picture. We can see both sides of the coin. We have come to value the inquiry into Self.
We doubt the headlines. We look for the deeper questions. But this strength turns into
an invasive weed when it gets free rein to undermine your true authentic strengths, gifts
and abilities.

We start to go down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and find the Mad Hatter breaking our
dishes and wasting our time. We find ourselves thinking:

  • Maybe they were right, I should get a job
  • What if I am destined to fail at this?
  • Should I be doing something else with my life?
  • If I am so smart and so passionate, why can’t I get clients?
  • I’m not educated enough
  • I don’t have enough degrees and letters behind my name

Cough. Gag. Retch.

That is some nasty poison!
Would you give a baby soda in their baby bottle?
Do you want schools to have GMO-processed food in the lunch line?
Are you willing to feed pesticide laden food to your family?

Heck no!

But you’ll feed yourself this toxic mix of inner self talk that robs you of your glorious gifts
that make the world a better place.

Key #3. Stand up to self-doubt with Affirmative Invocation. This isn’t some magical

thinking. This is about invoking the truth about yourself. I’m talking about giving yourself

a good talking to. Something like this: I can do this. I am learning what I need to learn. I
believe in myself. I believe in my dreams. I invoke the creativity, the passion, the enthusiasm,
the knowledge, the drive and all of my intelligence to provide my clients with solution for
better health and life. I am allowing my light to shine. This light can never be taken away. I
deny the power of self-doubt and I affirm the truth about myself. I am n expression of infinite
creative intelligence. I can do this! I am unstoppable! I am powerful! I am hear to shine.
Deep breathe and ground the energy into your body. Now, when you feel like a bad-ass,
you can act like a bad-ass. (A loving, healthy and supportive bad-ass).
Find more example and step-by-step guidance on how you can maximize your
Affirmative Invocation process here.

Trap #4. Confusion, Distraction and Overwhelm stop you from taking action.

You sweet seductress.
You jiven’ gigolo.

You know you’ve invited them in. Just to say hi. The innocent click of the tab. The
momentary browse through email.

Then you find your wallet is gone, you’re in a strange hotel room and you don’t
understand the language.

OK, not really. But the seduction of Distraction and Overwhelm is the biggest source of
chaos and confusion in your business and life.

I am adamant about this topic. You see, I’ve squandered SO MUCH of my life to these
cruel masters. I hate it. And I fight a battle every day to:
Tame The Dragons of Distraction
And The Ogers of Overwhelm

I am so passionate about this, that I am writing a new book on the topic.

Therefore, I am going to send you directly to a free resource I created to help you
manage distraction and overwhelm so you can cut through chaos and confusion and get
into the sweet flow of focused, meaningful and productive work.

Our relationship with technology is the number one quarantined site for the personal
clean up of distraction and overwhelm. It’s like cleansing for the pre-frontal cortex and washing off the sickly scent of the
seductress of confusion.

Trap #5. Paradigm Conflict: “I can’t be spiritual and make money.”

When I lived in Boulder, Colorado, I used to like to listen to KGNU, the independent,
decidedly liberal local radio station. I would then switch over to positive and encouraging
KLOV, the syndicated Christian station.

I had friends at both stations. I had been on both stations radio shows for my health
coaching practice. I appreciated that they both stood for something important I could
relate to.

But I loved hearing the political talk shows back and fourth. I’m about to get real here.
You know what I am talking about.

“You know what the real problem is, our country is going to heck because of these godless,
morally debase liberals.”

“You know what the real problem is, our country is going to hell because of these narrow
minded, witless, bigoted conservatives.

Back and fourth they blame each other. Now I am not endorsing any political position but
I can tell you that BLAME never works. NEVER.

But more importantly, this points to the way we have internalized paradigm conflicts. So
often our success is not just about our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions. It is about
the culture we are in. It is about the influence of our family, our “tribe,” and our peer

We are not immune to influence. We are defined by the people that you spend time with.
This is not excuse to toss out personal responsibility, but it is a call to action to look at
the people that you spend time with. Are they living lives you dig? Can you say, “I am
inspired by my peeps?” If not, keep loving everybody, but choose to spend time with the
peeps that are keeping it real, stepping out like a boss and living like a warrior.

Seth Braun

Seth Braun works with high profile clients in Spain, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany and more. His first book became a surprise best-seller at Border's and his most recent book, Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business hit Amazon best-seller status in two categories. Braun is a certified 4 Gateways Coach, certified 4 Gateways Trainer, certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and professional speaker for small, mid and large corporation conferences and association meetings.

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Linda - May 1, 2013

Excellent article. Yes, I can identify with one or two of these. The timing is perfect. I read this from a link on Facebook and then immediately went to clear my email and there was an email of this article. Hmmm, I believe I was meant to read this one. Thank you.

Barb - May 1, 2013

Great article! I struggle with the concept of, “If I’m good at what I do, why won’t anyone hire me?”. BUT, I think that this is largely brought on by the fact that I am inundated with people (mostly friends and family) wanting me to work for free. A simple coffee or lunch meeting can easily turn into a brain picking fest.

I once had one of my husband’s friends express a desire to hire me… we met for the free “one hour consultation” …. FIVE hours later I went home. The next week he called to set up another time to meet. I presumed that he wanted to firm up the details and hire me. DENIED!! He wanted to tell me in person that he had decided that he was going to “do it himself, and would not need my services.” Note to self… when a person shows up with a writing pad and pen… they are digging for free information. At the time I was too inexperienced. and I gave away WAY too much.

When you’ve had a few of these occasions, you really start to doubt yourself. I know I did (still do). There was a GREAT article in Forbes that deals with this.

But, it would be so AWESOME to have an article written especially for health coaches and nutritionists to avoid giving away your knowledge for free, without being left friendless and disowned….


Seth - May 1, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for sharing your story here. I think you are right on with the need for more education.
There are a couple ways to address this as well.
1. Know what questions to ask to see if there will be a fit.
2. Have materials that are free and don’t depend on your time… Like a “Barb’s Nutrition Video Updates” or a newsletter that you can give away if they aren’t ready to work with you.
I had a client come from my newsletter after FIVE years – he spent $5,000 with me for a high end men’s coaching program.
One more thing- follow up with this person after 6 months and ask, “how did the DIY work for you?” And listen, then ask, “are you ready to have a real breakthrough in your health now?”
Then invite them to work with you.
Thanks again for commenting!

John - May 2, 2013

Thanks for the great article. It definitely helped me think about some of my issues, and I will work towards fixing them. 🙂 Sometimes it just takes a bit of a kick to get in gear to figure things out.

thanks again.

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