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We’ve also like to tell you a little about the peer support group we have created for health coaches.

The power of peer support cannot be underestimated.

Having a group of people pour their support and positivity into your soul, hearing others struggle with the same things as you, or maybe hearing how they broke through. Ever spoken your own stuff out loud and you suddenly work out your solution?

If you have goals and need to take action, if you need more self-care and some time for just yourself, if you need some positivity or a kick in the pants, some accountability - this could be for you. Come be inspired by a group of like minds, peer coaches, to challenge, sustain and nourish each other in the pursuit of our missions.

Too often I see Health Coaches tough it out on their own. It can be a solitary business. There is tons of support and people out there with programs, courses, tech wizardry and marketing pieces to support our businesses. But there’s very little “you got this” type mindset encouragement and support. Very little coaching for coaches!

Do you sometimes wish you had a place to just bounce some ideas around and get a hoorah?!

I coached students of IIN through their school year for 4 years, as one of the Peer Coaches the school provides and I’ve seen firsthand how powerful this type of support can be in all sorts of areas of your life, not just the business-y bits. And let’s face it, if you’re not happy then your business probably isn’t either.

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