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The Roots and Lineage of Great Coaching

Coaching. You have committed yourself to this path. You’ve invested money, time, energy and attention to developing a health coaching business. I get it. You are a health geek. Admit it. You love food, herbs, supplements, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. But how much do you know really know about coaching? We stand on the shoulders […]

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How to Write the Perfect SEO Blog

Have you started a blog yet? As more and more competition comes onto the market, it isn’t enough to just pour your heart out on the screen. Blogging as a strategy requires diligence to ensure that all your social media networks, as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn groups, are exposed to your work. As […]

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3 Ways I Sabotaged My Own Business

When I first started building my business back in 2007 I had no idea what I was doing. There wasn’t the barrage of coaching available then, or the 100s of free webinars now out there to choose from, where I could learn about sales, marketing, copywriting or how to shift my mindset. Just like most […]

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