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Checklist for Creating a Client Attracting Website

You want to offer your holistic coaching services online and attract clients from around the world. But your website isn’t getting as many inquiries from prospective clients as you would like – or had hoped. You’re wondering what’s wrong. Or maybe you haven’t yet created your website because you’re just getting started as a coach. […]

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The Roots and Lineage of Great Coaching

Coaching. You have committed yourself to this path. You’ve invested money, time, energy and attention to developing a health coaching business. I get it. You are a health geek. Admit it. You love food, herbs, supplements, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. But how much do you know really know about coaching? We stand on the shoulders […]

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4 Steps to Getting More Clients

For about 95% of the people that I talk to, the biggest concern they have is simple: how to get more nutrition or health coaching clients. With that BIG problem in mind I’ve put together a 4-step follow through formula where I walk you through some simple steps so you can solve your lack of […]

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What “I Can’t Afford It” Really Means

“I can’t afford it.” I’ve heard and read those words plenty of times in nearly ten years of growing my business, and if you’re offering programs or products in your health coaching business, I’m sure you have too. What you may not know, however, is that those words are rarely the real reason a potential […]

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