Speaking Freak: The Real Scoop on Speaking for Holistic Health Professionals

In 1998, I boldly took the stage at a University auditorium. The audience, busloads of teens from inner city schools, were primed from a day of music, dance and art. Their hearts were uncharacteristically open.

This was my shot at making an impact. There may never be a more fecund opportunity to plant the seed of possibility for some of these young people.

At only 22 myself, I was so nervous I could barely see straight. I hadn’t slept for days. My heart was beating in my throat.

And I brought the thunder.

AND, I got paid $150 each for four weekends. (At 22, in 1998, I thought $150 was AMAZING!)

Heard It Through The Grapevine

You may have heard tell that you, the mission-driven holistic health professional should learn public speaking.

Bantered around clinic water coolers, online forums and live conferences, you may have even heard of people getting PAID to speak.

Well, if you have ever wanted to peek behind the curtain at professional speaking for a candid understanding of the industry, it is a serendipitous day.

I’ve been speaking professionally for over 15 years.


When I stop and consider that, it seems amazing. But day to day, it is kind of no big deal, because this is just what I do.

However, significantly more edifying for you my beautiful friend is that I used speaking as the primary vehicle to add new clients to my practice in a crowded, difficult and competitive marketplace.

Speaking Excites Me More Than Chocolate (well, almost)

What excites me most about speaking is that it simultaneously builds your business, increases your confidence and expertise and raises the level of awareness for all holistic health professionals. And speaking has worked as a vehicle for growth for thousands of years, and will be relevant next year, in five years, ten years and decades to come. (Unilke social media, email marketing and virtual programs, which are constantly evolving).

So I am about to let you in on the biggest damn secrets in the speaking business, therefore I invite you to just stop for a moment and take this in.


Speaking Leads You To Cash

That first series of speaking led me to an after-school program, in which I taught at-risk youth how to build and perform with hand drums. I was paid $45/hour (in 1998) with no college degree and no previous experience.

Public speaking is the single most important skill you can learn to guarantee your relevance in the marketplace now and for years to come. Plus, it is freakin’ exciting, gratifying and will challenge you to be a better person.


Seth Braun

Seth Braun works with high profile clients in Spain, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany and more. His first book became a surprise best-seller at Border's and his most recent book, Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business hit Amazon best-seller status in two categories. Braun is a certified 4 Gateways Coach, certified 4 Gateways Trainer, certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and professional speaker for small, mid and large corporation conferences and association meetings.

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