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Indestructible Success
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Geoff YoungSeth is a well seasoned health coach, speaker and author who definitely walks his talk.  He shares from the heart and will help you take your health coaching practice to a deeper level, connecting more with your true purpose.

– Geoff Young, Publisher, Health Coach Weekly.



Seth Braun provides practical tools to develop inner strength and outer actions to create happiness and prosperity, personally and professionally.    – Joshua Rosenthal, Founder, The World’s Largest Nutrition School, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.





“Seth Braun’s message is a professional and spiritual transmission. This book works on you from the inside out, evoking a new level of clarity, purpose and power. Lots of books provide skills and strategies–this one makes you want to wake up, stand up, and joyfully create the destiny that is yours alone.”

– Jeff Salzman, Founder of Career Track, Integral Thought Leader



Seth Braun has created a monumental resource for coaches wanting their own transformation. This book is about integrating all the different possibilities in one’s life; from divorce and back, to growing a successful business, receiving money from known and unknown sources, walking your talk, and connecting with the divine. Seth is the coach’s coach. This is an invaluable resource to sharpen your inner and outer game, and take the limits out of the sky. – Stacey Morgenstern, Co-Founder, Holsitic MBA


Seth shares from personal experience, making the teachings and tools that much more effective  – Andrea Beaman, HHC, Chef, Author and host of Fed Up!







“Seth Braun and his Indestructible Success  has a message everyone needs to hear. I guarantee you’ll learn something and enjoy yourself in the process.”
-Marty Peterson, Director Bastyr University Bookstore


This book is awesome.


If you want to make something happen in your life, you need this book. I know Seth and I know the book. I have used the principles to make my business dreams a reality. If you are 20-40 years old, if you are creative, if you want to help people or you are self-employed warrior, get it.

– Rosh, founder of the Award Winning Blind Cafe,



I don’t believe there is much new to be discovered about how to  achieve success in anything, be it marriage, Health, business, music. What is ever new is a teacher who is himself successful.  Seth Braun embodies success.  He evokes my respect and admiration and I can’t pay him a higher compliment.  Get in his presence any way you can and he will infect you with power. -Charley Cropley, Naturopathic Physician, Master Teacher




A fantastic book! … it is very pithy, pertinent and  practical… easy and fun to read.  But most important  the tools are clear and really work.  This book ranks among the best I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot, since my business makes personal development a part of our culture). 
- Sue Gail, Founder of Fairfield Nutrition