3 Steps To Selling Nutrition Services With Ease

One of the biggest problems that health coaches and nutritionists face is the fear of asking for money and selling large packages. Asking for the sale is something that feels awkward and uncomfortable.

How to sell or even what to sell isn’t taught in school. Most us have no clue when it comes to setting the stage to make the sale prior to even meeting with the prospect. I’ve met people who have been working in the alternative health industry for 20 years who still do not offer long-term packages with an EFT (electronic funds transfer or monthly payment) option.

In fact, you might not even feel this article is for you because you are NOT a sales person… you are a (insert professional title). Well, I’ve got news for you that might rub you the wrong way. You (insert professional title) are in fact a sales person.

In order for you to get and retain as many clients as you’d like to enjoy financial stability it’s up to you to sell or communicate the value of what you do. You must communicate your unique value over the competition down the street. It’s your job to paint a word picture of how your services will solve your prospect’s problem in such a way that the prospect FEELS that you and only you can help them.

Before we jump into the 3 steps to selling nutrition services with ease I’d like you to take a couple of minutes to examine your negative associations with sales. Why do you feel the way you do? Are you open to changing your mindset towards sales?

You are a value provider. You are an expert that coaches people to achieve optimal health. Your services are not the same as the free info found on the internet. You deserve to be paid what you are worth. You decide your worth, not your clients or your competition.

Now that we’ve got that clear, let’s jump into the 3 steps to selling nutrition services with ease.

Step 1

Stop offering initial consults with a 1-2 time follow up for $150. Take that service offering out of your repertoire. Instead prospects should be encouraged to come for a 45 to 60 minute complimentary assessment.

This 45 to 60 minute assessment is NOT so they can pick your brain and ask you all kinds of questions. It’s to run through your scripted intake assessment so you can provide specific recommendations on the services you offer.

You are not required to provide a personalized plan for this initial complimentary session. During your time with the prospect you can provide helpful tips.

The language can be something like this…

“Yes, sure Mrs. Jones. I would be happy to answer your questions. Here is what I suggest. Let’s schedule you for a complimentary 45 minute nutrition intake assessment. During this assessment you and I can get to know each other better, I will answer some of your questions and will evaluate your goals and your needs.

This way I have all the info I need to make personalized recommendations based on the services I offer. I have Wednesday at 10am or Thursday at 7pm available. Which appointment would be best for you?”

Through letting the prospect know that your complimentary 45 minute appointment is to assess her goals and needs so you can make recommendations we’ve already set the stage to close the sale. There are no surprises that you offer programs that she will have to pay for.

Step 2

Set the stage for closing the sale. When you are conducting your initial intake review the agenda with the prospect before you even start asking questions. It’s important to let the prospect know what to expect from your time together.

The language could be like this…

“Thanks so much for coming in today Mrs. Jones. Did you bring your assessment forms? Great. Before I tell you a little bit about myself let me explain exactly what’s going to happen over the next 45 minutes. First I will ask you some personal questions about your current state of health, your nutrition habits and your goals, what you want to work on, etc. Then I’m going to put you on the scale and take some measurements. After that I will explain what the numbers mean and then review your food tracker so I can give you some personalized tips. Lastly I will review everything with you and make specific recommendations based on the services I offer. You and I can decide together how we can proceed so that I can best be of service in helping you achieve your goals. How does that sound?”

Framing the initial intake assessment in this way let’s the prospect know that you are in control, you are the expert and that you offer services that will help them achieve their goals. No surprises.

Step 3

Refer to your services throughout the initial intake assessment. Talk about clients who had similar experiences as the prospect. Use social proof as much as possible to influence the sale.

For example, if a prospect comes in complaining that they have no time and need a meal plan rather than learning how to create balanced meals I would tell them a story about another client in a similar situation and how I helped them to implement small changes over a 12-week period. I would also mention the results the client got.

Sales don’t have to be the enemy. In fact, if you want to achieve financial stability then they shouldn’t be. Becoming a proficient sales person is a learned skilled. It doesn’t happen by accident or without practice.

Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy RHN is the founder and CEO of WOW! Weight Loss Inc., an international whole foods based weight loss company. Lori's passions are whole foods, fat loss and anything to do with marketing and helping other health practitioners add some business to their passion. Visit www.lorikennedyrhn.com for free business building resources.

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