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How to Sell More High-end Health Programs with Your Website

Do you want to attract more high-end clients? In this article, I’ll show you 4 critical steps to sell high-end programs with your website. And you can incorporate these strategies today on your existing site.

Why You Want to Sell More High-end Programs

It takes the same amount of effort to market to a “budget client” as it does a high-end client. So if you already have a prospect interested in working with you, you can double, triple, or quadruple your income from the same amount of effort when you sell long-term, high-end health programs.


Why You’re Not Selling More High-end Programs Now

If you find yourself constantly marketing but only attracting clients who want to “try you out,” then you’re not communicating the enormous value of what you have to offer. Your website can help you do this 24/7, even while you sleep.

In the steps below, you’ll learn how to convey that value and what content to put on your website.

How to Do It

Imagine getting emails from prospects who are already sold on working with you and want to know more about your programs! I call this Irresistible Marketing, and I love helping health practitioners create this kind of website.

Here are the exact steps I use with my clients’ websites to attract pre-sold, high-end clients:

Step 1 – Identify What They REALLY Want

If you market like most health coaches, you’re telling people that you can help them with ALL kinds of health issues, such as digestive issues, headaches, low energy, not sleeping well, etc.

As a result, when potential clients talk with you, they are initially interested in short-term solutions. And as you know, most short-term solutions don’t have a lot of value for your clients. Hence, you can’t charge much for them.

Potential clients may contact you about a 2-week detox program or help to lose 10 pounds. But what they really want is to look great in a swimsuit, have more energy, or balance their hormones so they aren’t so irritable.

It’s up to you to find out what your ideal clients really want so that you can package it into a long-term, irresistible program.

Step 2 – Create Programs that Offer Transformations

Once you’ve identified what they really want, create programs that offer those results in the form of a transformation, instead of just offering services.

Most health coaching websites describe their programs in terms of services offered and features. For example, they say: “The program includes 2 coaching calls a month, and we’ll work on identifying your specific health needs. I’ll create a customized lifestyle and nutrition plan to help you meet your goals.”

What you want to offer them, instead, is the long-term transformation that they really want. For instance, you may have a high-end program to reverse diabetes, heal their thyroid, lose 50 pounds, or double their energy.

Step 3 – Communicate the Value

I like to call this “doing the math for them.” Unfortunately, many of us don’t see the value in something until it’s pointed out to us.

As a health practitioner, much of your value is not related to the money your clients will make or save when working with you. Instead, the value is something much more important to your client – the quality of their life. Think about it. Why do most people want to earn more money? Ultimately, it’s so they can have a better quality life for themselves and their family.

So ask yourself: how will this transformation change my client’s life for the better? Then describe your program on your website with those benefits. Some of those benefits may include: a better relationship with your family, more time to have fun with your kids, energy to enjoy life again, or not feeling overwhelmed, even when things go crazy at work.

And don’t forget to also describe the cost to them if they don’t solve the problem. Is their health likely to improve in 6 months if they do nothing? Or is it likely to continue to get progressively worse? Where do they want to be in 3, 6, or 12 months from now?

Another thing you can do to convey value is to give your program a compelling name that complements your branding. Instead offering a “6 month program for diabetics,” you can call it your “6 Month VIP Program for Reversing Diabetes.” If your branding is “The Diabetes Coach,” then the program name compliments your marketing beautifully.

Step 4 – Offer Transformations on Your Website

High-end health programs are designed to help your clients get a life-changing transformation, rather than relief from one specific symptom or problem.

When someone visits your website, they now see that you specialize in helping people with their particular health issues. They see that you are offering them a total solution, instead of a list of services.

Your program offers a transformation from where they are now to where they really want to be in the next 3, 6, or 12 months. Your program name is compelling, and the program description is exactly what they are looking for.

In your program description, paint a picture with words. Describe what it would be like in 6 months if they had the energy to spend time with their kids, they were 2 pant sizes smaller, they no longer felt frazzled when they got off work, or they woke up feeling refreshed every morning.

Here’s a couple more tips for your website:

  • DO include your contact information next to your program descriptions: email, phone number, or both.
  • DON’T include the investment amount for your high-end program on your website.


High-end programs are not typically sold directly from a website because you’ll want to talk to the prospective client first to make certain the program is a good fit for them. What your website can do is pre-sell prospects before they contact you.

Your website will not only offer them help for a specific problem but also show them how you can help them with ALL their other related health and life issues. And you have a 6-month step-by-step program to help them get the results they are looking for.

Now, when someone comes to your website and looks at your services, they will already be sold on working with you. At this point they simply want to know what it will cost and which program is the best fit for them.

If you’d like help with creating a brand for your services and describing your transformation in a compelling way, I recommend my following articles:

Please leave a reply and share which step or tip you found most helpful – or which one you plan on implementing first on your site. We’d love to hear from you.

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Kathleen LeGrys - July 24, 2014

You break this down beautifully. Great job Karen! I will check out your other articles too 🙂

Karen Brunet - July 31, 2014

Kathleen, thanks for your comment. I like to keep my strategies KISS: keep it super simple.

I liked your article on creating newsletters without getting overwhelmed. Lots of great tips that are easy to implement.

Thanks for reading Health Coach Weekly!

Karen Brunet
The Irresistible Marketing Coach

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