Ready to Step In To Stand Out?

One of the biggest challenges for solopreneurs and all small businesses alike are getting crystal clear on what makes them unique, and uniquely essential to work with. Knowing with confidence what sets them apart from the competition, in their industry, and letting the world know about it, can make the defining difference in multiplying your revenue.

Inside my world of brand building, we define this conundrum as the Brand Identity Crisis. In order to stand out, you need to express, convey, and communicate why you are different, what sets you apart. To do this you need crystal clear clarity on your brand’s identity, and then to source the courage to step into it, as you, fully, and be ready to stand out. Right about here is where the solopreneur freezes up. It’s okay! I’ll walk you through it.

Stepping In to Stand Out

Stepping in is about, defining it, owning, it, and claiming it. Stepping into your identity fully. Standing out is about communicating it, promoting it, and killing it in the marketplace.

In traditional marketing terms “what sets you apart” is called your USP, your “unique selling proposition”. Your USP needs to be something you can claim in regard to your target audience, that you comprise a meaningful difference of value that’s relevant to them. That they would pay for.

You need to understand your USP, but you need to craft your GDP. Let me explain why. Your GDP is your “global desired position”. Your GDP statement implies you are clear on identity, you claim your territory, and you craft your messaging around that claim.

It is more action-oriented, and will provide momentum to your brand expression. Your audience will feel you more powerfully, upping your EQ, your emotional quotient, and your resonance. And as I always say, Resonance drives your success.

1) Get Crystal Clear Clarity.

You must define specifically, clearly, and authentically, these points: what you are, the pool your swimming in, what you offer, to whom, and why you matter, or what sets you apart.

2) Claim your Territory

When you are clear, you feel the readiness and willingness to take a stand, claim your area of expertise, and put a stake in that ground as yours, and your alone.

3) Craft your GDP Statement

Craft the perfect GDP, claiming and amplifying your position as the one that owns this service area.

Train Hard

Photo: Main Line Health & Fitness,

4) Weave a Killer Communication Tapestry

Again, when you are clear, and you are confident, you can be bold in your communication. Bold is what is needed to amplify your message, to grab your audience’s attention. You want your “nailhead” to stick out, up, higher, for them to trip over. In other words, stop, pay attention, and listen.

Photo: Christine Gallagher, founder of Red Hot Dance Fitness

When you’re confident in your brand identity, your brand GDP, you feel a sense of relaxation. You feel comfortable being you, all of you. This is when your personality will shine through your words, everywhere your brand speaks. On your website, in your posts, in your calls with your prospects, and with your clients. Your confidence is ramped, and you can begin to kill it. You become unstoppable.

Do the work to be clear about what you can own, claim as your territory. Then, do so.

To your success!

-Kerri, The Branding Babe.

Kerri Konik

Kerri Konik is a seasoned senior branding executive, who has committed her focus and expertise to bringing big agency strategies to small business, service professionals and experts, so their brands can resonate, compete, and prevail. Inspire Fire is a women-owned business, boutique agency, specializing in strategic branding for small business. Developing brand identity, messaging and marketing that creates emotional connection, increases sales, drives growth and profits, and results in sustainability and enabling a greater impact in the world. Learn more about Kerri at .

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