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Quick Website Tips for Health Coaches

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly look over your website and instantly

know what to change to attract more clients?  In this article, I’ll share with you

exactly how to do that with a health coaching website.


I love doing website reviews and evaluations for coaches and consultants. And

through the years, I’ve come up with my own system for quickly evaluating a

coaching site.  I can usually tell in just a few minutes what’s wrong with a

coaching website and what needs to be changed or tweaked.


In this article, I’ll share with you 10 quick website tips that I use to help clients

improve their websites.


Website Tip #1 – Offer a Transformation


Does your site clearly communicate how you can help them?  And is it a problem

they desperately want to solve? 


As a health coach, you can help people with many different health issues.  But

when someone gets to your site, they need to instantly know “what’s in it for

them.”  And the best way to communicate this is with a transformation that says,

“I have the solution you’ve been looking for.”


For example, instead of saying you help people lose weight, you can have a

headline with “You, Too, Can Drop 2 Dress Sizes in the Next 30 Days.” 


Website Tip #2 – Stand Apart from the Competition


Why should someone choose to work with you instead of the competition?  You

need a way to stand apart from all the other health practitioners offering similar

services.  And you do that with branding. 


Your brand will reflect both who you are AND what you do.  It doesn’t have to be

unique, but it does need to be compelling, attractive, and a great reflection of you

and your services.


If you’re struggling with creating your transformation and branding, learn my 4

step process to creating an irresistible brand (in just 1 day) here:



Website Tip #3 – Make a Personal Connection


When people hire a health coach, they want to work with someone they know,

like, and trust.  They want to make a personal connection with you.


Include a recent, professional headshot image on your site – or even better, add

a video or audio to the home page.  That way people get to see and/or hear you,

and it creates a deeper connection than text and images alone.


Also, include either a biography section or have an About Page dedicated to

information about who you are. 


Website Tip #4 – Include Testimonials


Testimonials are great for building instant credibility.  Even if you have a

transformation people want and great branding, many people won’t hire you

without references or testimonials.   And the higher the program investment, the

more you’ll need great testimonials.


Website Tip #5 – Keep Navigation Simple


Is your site navigation easy to use?  Is content easy to find?  Having a

complicated navigation system will chase people away.  Your website visitors

need to be able to find content quickly.


Keep your navigation simple with only 7 items or less to choose from.  It’s usually

better to add more content to one page, than to have several different pages with

only a few words on each. 


Website Tip #6 – Avoid Distractions


Too many distractions can cause your website visitors to be confused.  There are

certain elements that draw the eye’s attention, such as large text, the color red,

and faces. 


When too many of these elements appear on a page, the person’s eye “jumps”

back and forth all over the page and they don’t know where to look first.  As a

result your branding and transformation message can get overlooked.


Website Tip #7 – Give Great Free Content


People are online looking for information first, then buying second.  So if you

want to attract paying clients, you have to first give great information. 


I recommend offering a free PDF report or audio training as a way to build a

mailing list (see tip #8) and using a blog for articles.


If you’d like to learn how to create a free offer in just a few hours, check out my 5-

step system here:


Website Tip #8 – Build a List


If you’re serious about attracting clients with a health coaching website, you

MUST collect names and email addresses so you can build an email list. 


Statistics show that most purchases are made after the 5th – 12th contact.  Which

means you will need a way to follow up with website visitors after they leave your



Tie this in with Tip #7 above and a regular newsletter, and you have an

automated client attraction system.


Website Tip #9 – Create Great Program Descriptions


When listing your programs on your website, give names and descriptions that

make it easy to tell them apart.  It should be clear whether the program is a do-it-

yourself solution, a 6-week group program, or a 3-month private coaching



Website Tip #10 – Include a Call to Action


In addition to giving great information, give people an action to take on each

page.  This is a key to attracting clients.   Ask them to get your free report, play a

video, leave a comment, follow you on Facebook, read another article, or click a

button to continue reading.




It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to create a client attracting website.  You can

greatly improve your website just by implementing the 10 quick tips above.


Please leave a comment below and let me know which tip you liked best –

or make a suggestion of your own. I’d love to hear from you.

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