List Building Strategy

Fun, Quick, and Inexpensive List Building Strategy

If you’re like me and the majority of health coaches I speak to, I’m guessing that you would love to grow your list.

Growing your list means that you’ll have a larger audience to market your offerings to – especially offerings such as online group programs like cleanses and detoxes.

Enrolling more people in your online programs means you’ll be able to leverage your time by serving more people at once.

That said, list building can feel like a slow process.

Do you wish there was an easy way to build your list? A way that doesn’t require a lot of time or money?

There are many different ways to grow your list, but today I want to share how you can use a contest to build your list.

Contests are a fun and inexpensive list building strategy that can get you results in as little as a week or two.

How online contests build your list

With an online contest, you promote one or more prizes.

In order for people to enter the contest to win a prize, they enter their name and email on an opt-in page. (This gets them on your list.)

After they have entered the contest, you share that they can increase their chances of winning by sharing the contest via social media and/or email. People earn additional points when they share the contest. This gives you additional exposure and builds your list. The person with the most points at the end of the contest period wins.

The prize

Start by identifying what prize you want to offer. The success of your contest, and your list building efforts, has a lot to do with choosing the right prize.

You’ll want to choose a prize that will attract your ideal clients, while also tying into your offerings. For example, if you have a cleanse or detox coming up, your prize can be a free spot in your program.

I recommend avoiding prizes that most people would want, such as electronics, amazon gift cards, or gourmet food items. These types of prizes will certainly be attractive, but you’ll end up building a list of people who aren’t necessarily interested in your services. They’ll unsubscribe or be unresponsive.

We want your contest to build a list of IDEAL clients, so they stay on your list and purchase from you.

The technology

Once you’ve figured out what you want to offer as a prize, you’ll want to set-up the technical side of your contest.

I recommend using Contest Domination. This service is $100 or less, and it integrates with email marketing systems such as AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, and Ontraport.

They also have templates, which make it easy for you to set-up the opt-in page for your contest. You don’t need to know html or be a tech guru to set up your contest. This means you can do it quickly and without spending a lot of money.

Contest Domination tracks who has entered the contest and the number of points they have earned.

Promoting your contest

To get your contest going, start by promoting it in emails to your list. You can also promote it via social media and send out personal emails to past and current clients asking them to enter and share the contest. As people enter the contest, they will want to earn additional points, so they’ll do the work of promoting it for you.

Fun and easy, right?

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Amy Lippmann

Amy Lippmann is a Marketing Strategist & Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches, which provides done-for-you online marketing solutions for health & wellness entrepreneurs. Amy and her team have helped hundreds of health coaches & nutritionists successfully launch cleanses and detoxes. Go here to get her FREE Guide with Marketing Calendar: “Learn What To Do (and when) To Fill Your Next Online Program.”

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