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You Deserve to Profit From Your Passions

I’m going to plant a tiny little seed in your brain. And I hope you will love the idea, nurture it, and let it, eventually, blossom.

You deserve to profit from your passions.

And if you’re a health coach, you probably already started down the path of doing what you love and loving what you do. Congratulations on taking the first step. Now what?

For some reason, by the time anyone gets successful in their business – the part where they make a viable living to support their personal goals – they tend to leave out one crucial piece of this puzzle; the hard work.

As many headlines for gurus as I see proclaiming “earn six figures this year” and “how to make five figures in a month” you would imagine that there is a secret, magical potion. I wish!

But there isn’t.

Instead, you need to decide which marketing strategies, formulas and tools will work for you to attract your ideal clients. You need to get very clear about what you want to do and who you want to do it for.

The getting clear part starts with your copywriting and brand messaging. How you talk about what you do and the specific words you use are what others will remember about you. You will become known – or notorious – for how you refer to yourself.

Let’s practice that for a minute: I’m a health coach who…

… teaches diabetic patients how to eliminate sugar from their diet.

… helps clients find and stop craving evil, evil sugar

… works with busy moms to find solutions for fast, healthy dinners.

The basic question is, “Who do you want to serve and how do you want to serve them?” The minute you answer this, you’ll be ten steps down the road to building a thriving successful business because now you can speak and write directly to them.

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Then, it’s time to pick out which marketing tactics you’ll use:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Advertising / paid ads
  • Blog tours / guest blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • Book publishing
  • Social media
  • Business networking
  • Job forums / sites

After you’ve chosen your target audience, you have to start reaching out to them using any one of a number of marketing strategies. For example, email marketing will require you to build a list – a hot topic you see almost everywhere these days.

Here’s what the marketing strategy would look like:

  • Create a free offer or opt-in
    • Decide what you will offer
    • Choose a provider (Mail Chimp, Aweber, etc.)
    • Develop an irresistible headline
      • The Sugar-Free Household 7-Day Challenge
      • 10 Easy Gluten-Free Pantry Updates
      • Whole Foods Refrigerator Checklist
  • Collect email addresses
    • Opt-in box on website
    • Pop-up on home page
    • Update social media
    • Promote promote promote
  • Write a weekly / monthly newsletter
    • Offer valuable content
    • Add video links
    • Write great headlines

Additional, advanced marketing strategies like webinars, guest blogging, attending tradeshows, joint ventures and sponsorships are also part of the marketing strategy for building an email-marketing list.

To decide on the best way for you to profit from your passions, you’ll want to think about what you like to do best. Are you comfortable being on film? Are you still working full-time and have more time than you do money?

And if your brand messaging and your content writing just isn’t coming together for you, or you need an excellent opt-in editor, contact eMarketing Copywriter to help you get clear.

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