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3 Simple Strategies For Creating A Powerful Testimonial Page Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client

It’s one of the four most important pages on your website. If you don’t have any content on this page it certainly can give a potential client a moment of pause before hiring you. The page I’m referring to is your ‘Testimonial Page’.

Have you ever been on Amazon ready to click the buy now button to purchase a hot new book or the latest trending gadget and just before committing to the purchase you think to yourself… maybe I should check out the reviews?

Even more importantly have the reviews or testimonials ever swayed your decision whether to buy one way or the other? I know that has happened to me time and time again.

Testimonials carry a tremendous amount of credibility when a potential buyer is thinking about making a purchase. It’s the same situation when a potential client is checking you out on your website trying to decide if they will hire you. Of course, one of the first places they will go is your Testimonial Page to read about the experiences of your past clients.

Unfortunately this page is one of the most neglected or ignored pages by Coaches and Consultants when they are new in business and haven’t yet worked with their first client.

There is no doubt that you want to make a great impression and have your website content persuade your potential client to say, “Yes” to hiring you. But what should you do if you don’t have a single testimonial to add, leaving your Testimonial page blank?

I have GREAT news for you!

You can easily build an extremely impressive and professional Testimonial Page even if you’ve never had a paying client.

Keep in mind that the goal of a Testimonial Page is to build credibility in the eyes of your ideal clients. When designed in a way that spotlights your value and experience it will quickly convince the reader that you’re just what they are looking for and they’ll immediately want to hire you.

Today I’m sharing 3 easy strategies you can implement today that will instantly establish you as an expert and authority within your niche’, even if you’ve never had a paying client.

Strategy #1: Ask colleagues or mentors to write a testimonial describing your expertise and commitment to your clients.

Who better to give you a recommendation than someone you’ve learned from or a peer in your industry that has knowledge of your programs, products and services?

Strategy #2: Ask friends and family that you’ve helped and supported with your vast knowledge to write a testimonial describing how your support has caused a change or improvement in their life.

As a passion driven entrepreneur, you are more than likely sharing valuable tips and strategies with those around you all of the time. Even the smallest improvement in someone’s health or condition is worth documenting in a testimonial.

Strategy #3: Document each time you participate in a local talk, online summit, guest blog or are interviewed on a podcast. This type of exposure certainly establishes your expertise and gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with a larger audience.

If you’re being asked to share your information with someone else’s following, it is definitely noteworthy and should be included on your Testimonial Page.

All you have to do is take a screenshot of the webpage and write a descriptive paragraph about what you offered during the event.

BONUS STRATEGY: If you want to take Strategy #3 one step further, ask the host of the event you participated in to write a testimonial about the value of your presentation. Ask them to share their favorite part of the information you shared and how it impacted them or their audience.

If you would like to learn more about designing the perfect Testimonial Page, how to capture amazing testimonials from your past clients and the 5-step process that breaks it all down for you, just grab a copy of my brand new guide by CLICKING HERE.

The Client Testimonial Acquisition Formula

Build An Amazing Testimonial Page Even If You’ve Never Had A Paying Client



Don’t wait! Download your copy of my brand new guide right now and then draft a list of 10 people you can ask for testimonials today. Draft a simple email to each of them, (just copy and paste for simplicity), asking them to provide a testimonial to you. Set a 2-week timeline for collecting at least 3 brand new testimonials that you can add to your website immediately.

You can do this! I believe in you and your success.

Karen Pattock

Karen Pattock is an International Business Coach and Online Marketing Mentor that teaches health & fitnesspreneurs how to use social media and email marketing to attract new leads and turn them into paying clients using proven marketing strategies. She is creator of her signature program, STEP Into More Profits, as well as her TV video training platform KarenPattock.TV . You can connect with and find out more about Karen at KarenPattock.com

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