Is Perfection Sabotaging Your Success?

Do you ever find yourself falling into the trap of comparing yourself to other health coaches? Maybe you wonder how they seem to have it all together, and you feel like you’re moving along as slow as molasses sometimes. Do you ever feel discouraged and maybe even question if you have what it takes to make it in this field?

It’s easy to get so get caught up with what others are doing, and begin to compare ourselves, and then we feel like we fall short. The phrase, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” illustrates just how much our illusion of perfection can hold us back.

Constant comparison can cripple our business. It is easy to look at successful business owners, who seem to have it all together, and think that if we were more like them, then everything would be perfect! However, we don’t see the struggles that person has had to face behind the scenes or how long it took them go get there. We don’t know what tough decisions they had to make in order to get to where they are today. All we see is the end result, not the obstacles they had to overcome to get there.

It’s great to look at other people for a source of inspiration to see what’s possible, but just remember to tailor your goals and your plan of action to fit your unique needs and dreams.

Perfection Undermines Success

The illusion of being perfect or feeling like everything has to be perfect holds us back from building the life and the business we want. Clients don’t expect you to be perfect – they expect you to be kind, compassionate, relatable and supportive.

Most clients appreciate coaches who show their ‘real’ side. They can identify more easily with someone who is authentic; someone they have seen struggle and overcome obstacles. When you share your story which includes where you may have stumbled or failed along the way, people will be drawn to you so much more. Maybe your transformation is still underway, and that’s totally fine too.

When you share your failures along with your successes, you make yourself vulnerable, but you also make yourself more approachable. You don’t want your clients to put you on a pedestal because they won’t be able to relate to you in the same way. Instead, seek to be genuine and caring. Forgo the illusion of perfection, and focus on authenticity and inspiration.

Change Your Perfectionistic Ways

In what ways can perfection be holding you back? As business owners, we are often our own worst critics. By thinking that you aren’t good enough, knowledgeable enough, or that your website isn’t exactly how you want it, can really hold you back. You may even feel like you need another certification or degree in order to be taken seriously, and this is rarely the case. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of chasing certification after certification which only delays you getting out there and helping people.

Don’t let the things you haven’t accomplished yet hold you back from pursuing your dreams. You are the face of your business. Don’t be so caught up in your imagined shortcomings that you fail to pursue your goals. Instead, focus on what you have accomplished, and use those as stepping stones to achieve your long term goals. Do what you can with what you have now, and see where it leads you.

This illusion of perfection can cripple your progress in your business. You may spend so much time waiting for the perfect circumstances that you never make progress toward your goals. It’s important to proceed even though things aren’t perfect. Progress always trumps perfection. Take one small step toward your goals, and then another. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to where you want to be.

Seek Support, Not Competition

It is important to surround yourself with individuals that will lift you up and encourage you. Having a support system in place can help you get off the never-ending hamster wheel of perfection. When you find like-minded colleagues, allow them to support you rather than viewing them as your competition.

When we view our peers as a support system rather than competition, we open ourselves up to growth. We all have unique strengths and weaknesses that we can learn from. You can even create your own mastermind group and grow together. By freely sharing ideas, you can learn new things, and brainstorm new projects that you may not have considered otherwise.

If you’d like to connect with other like minded people, I have a Facebook group full of wonderful and supportive health coaches. Feel free to join us HERE. We provide connection, inspiration, and ideas to help you build your health coaching practice.

Don’t let comparison and the illusion of perfection stop you from reaching your goals. Find the support you need, and put the action steps into place that will propel you to reach your goals. You can do this, and I’m rooting for you!


Kathleen Legrys

Kathleen is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and founder of Health Coach Solutions. Kathleen helps health and wellness professionals build their business with customizable done-for- you coaching programs that allow them to coach with more confidence and accelerate their success. Find out more here -

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Emily - June 8, 2016

Great advice I enjoyed the article, harder to implement but worth the try.

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