Is Your Online Course Stuck?

Is your online course stuck in the “I’ll just do it later” phase?


Stop me if you’ve heard this one…


You have THE IDEA: your new online program.

It’s going to change EVERYTHING.

Step 2: Go! Go! Go!

This is… So. !$#@#$%. Exciting.

I’m creating content! And amazing new worksheets!

The most extensive marketing campaign I’ve ever tried!

And putting together the perfect hand-customized online course platform (research every detail

to make it totally gonzo right from the get-go!)

Step 3: Strangely, the world has not stopped spinning to allow me to focus on my online program 100% of the time.

But! I’m still making progress, just a little slower.

What do they say? “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step?” Darn’ tootin.

Step 4: This is… So. !$#@#$%. Difficult.

Why can’t I just focus on my content? I didn’t know there were 47 different webinar providers I had to research and compare.

It doesn’t feel like I have a plan.

Step 5: You know, I’ll just do it later.

Sound familiar at all?

From what we hear, this is the struggle that many of you are going through.

You may even add a final step…

Step 6: Repeat the whole cycle.


It’s time to step back and ask a serious question…

–> Should I check myself… before I wreck myself?

No, really, we ARE being serious.

It’s time to step back.

Check yourself.

And ask,

Do you REALLY have what you need to make progress building an online teaching business in 2014?

Do you have the plan?

Do you have the skills?

Do you have the resources?

And do you have the tools?

Because we have observed hundreds of course creators over the past few years…

And there’s a massive discrepancy…

Between those who develop and apply: the plan, the skills, the resources, and the tools to succeed…

And those who “wing it.”

(They tend to end up saying “You know, I’ll just do it later” – a lot).

So we want to hear from you…

Where are you in the “creation cycle?” Step 1? Step 6? Or somewhere in between?

What do you need the most help with: planning, skills, resources, or tools?

We’ve put together a free training to assist you…

Super Course: Build A Thriving, Profitable Online Teaching Business in 2014

Join the course, and share your question and challenges in the discussion.

I’d love to hear from you.

Ruzuku Super Course 2014

Abe Crystal

Abe Crystal, Ph.D. is a co-founder of ruzuku. Ruzuku provides a platform for the creation and marketing of online courses for self-improvement and life-long learning. Courses feature leading authors, speakers, and coaches, such as TED speaker Brené Brown (author of Daring Greatly). Ruzuku has hosted over 2,500 courses serving nearly 20,000 students, generating $1 million+ in earnings for experts. If you’re ready to start planning your own online program, sign up for 5 Steps To Your First Online Course, brought to you by ruzuku. it’s free, sign up here.

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