Not getting registrants in your program? Here’s what to do…

Have you ever launched a program and felt disappointed that more people didn’t register?

When you put your heart and soul into creating and marketing a program, it can sting if you don’t get the response you expected.

If you have experienced this, you’re not alone. I have definitely experienced flops over the years.

Today, I want to share what you can do to turn things around if your launch isn’t going as planned.

Once you have started marketing your program, be patient and don’t jump to conclusions.

When you launch a program and send out the first promotional email, you may be expecting the sales the start rolling in. The truth is that people usually need to hear from you a few times, before they will register. Give your audience time to consider the offering.

And, if you are offering an Early Bird price, you can expect that most of your sales will come through in the 24-48 hours before the pricing goes up.

HOT TIP: During those first 5 days of promotion, keep your spirits up, focus on your goal, and continue to send out promotional emails. Don’t lose steam!

During the first 4-7 days of promotion, take the “pulse” of your audience.

You want to get a sense of whether people …

  • Think it’s a no-brainer and are signing up.
  • Are intrigued, but have lots of questions they need answered before making a decision.
  • Are on the fence because they are really not sure if this program is for them, and aren’t clear what they are going to get out of your program.
  • Are simply not interested in what you’re offering right now.

Three ways to take the “pulse” of your audience, aside from counting sign-ups.

1. Look at the open and click through rate on the promotional emails you are sending out.

If a high percentage of people are opening your emails and clicking through to the sales page, this is a good sign. Even though they may not be signing up right away, this shows that they are intrigued and are doing their research.

2. Pay attention to the emails or calls you receive from people who are considering the program.

If you are receiving calls or emails from people, this is a great sign. It means that your audience is engaged and interested, but simply wants to know more.

You can increase engagement by adding a sentence in your promotional emails that invites them to email you at [insert your email address] if they have any questions about the program.

HOT TIP: Take note of the common questions that are coming up, and the objections people have to participating. Then, use this in your promotional emails and adjust your sales page copy to address these questions and objections.

3 Go offline and straight to the source!

I know this may sound crazy, but one of the most powerful ways to take the pulse of your audience is to pick up the phone and speak to a few people.

In our digital world, we often hide behind email and social media. While these are powerful tools, nothing can replace a conversation.

Pick 5 people who you know have opened your promotional emails and have clicked through to the sales page, and reach out to them by phone. (With most email marketing systems you can view this information.)

Once you get them on the phone, tell that you are reaching out to see if they have any questions about the program. Ask them if they are considering the program. If they are not considering the program, find out why. If you feel that they are a good fit for the program, use this conversation as a way to convey how this program is going to help them.

It is much easier to convert people by phone than in an email!

Like in #2 above, take note of the common questions that are coming up, and the objections people have to participating. Then, use this in your promotional emails and adjust your sales page copy to address these questions and objections

Do some last minute hustling

If you aren’t on track to reach your goals, think about what you can do quickly to generate more interest in your program.

For example:

  • Put together a free teleseminar that relates to the program you are offering
  • Reach out to colleagues and partners and ask them to promote your program to their list or on social media
  • Add one or two additional promotional emails

Take what you have learned and use it when you relaunch.

When you launch a program, I know that you want results NOW, but remember that you will be in business for a long time and you will be able to take what you have learned and apply it to your next launch.

Consider this first launch a test run.

Based on what you heard from your audience, and experienced throughout your launch, you might…

  • Change the name of the program so it is more compelling
  • Adjust what is included in the program
  • Adjust the pricing
  • Decide to reach a wider audience the next time you promote by holding live workshops, a free teleseminar, or having partners help you get the word out.


Amy Lippmann

Amy Lippmann is a Marketing Strategist & Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches, which provides done-for-you online marketing solutions for health & wellness entrepreneurs. Amy and her team have helped hundreds of health coaches & nutritionists successfully launch cleanses and detoxes. Go here to get her FREE Guide with Marketing Calendar: “Learn What To Do (and when) To Fill Your Next Online Program.”

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