Attract More Clients

My Favorite Way to Attract More Clients and Build Your Tribe

Attract More ClientsYou have a message you want to get out in the world.  That’s why you became a health coach in the first place.  You know that in order to attract more clients you need to build or join a tribe of people who know, like and trust you.  You’ve figured out who you want to serve and what you want to offer.  Now how do you get them to join your list so you can start the conversation?  Having an irresistible free offer on your website is great (and necessary), but unless you are getting a lot of traffic to your website it’s slow going, especially in the beginning.  How can you jump start your list building efforts more quickly?

One of my favorite ways is through some sort of public event.  This can be in person or online, the same basic strategy applies.  Whether you are doing a “sugar blues” talk or “How to fit in your bikini for the beach”, you need some sort of presentation you can give.  I prefer webinars since my business is mainly online, but everything I’m talking about applies even if you’re giving a local talk someplace where you need to find more people to join you.

This is how I have build my list as large as I have.  When I was about 3 months into my business I was growing discouraged at how slowly my list was growing so I decided to host a webinar.  I didn’t have many people on my email list or fan page and almost no money for advertising, but over the course of about 3 weeks I managed to get a couple of hundred people signed up for the webinar.  I don’t even remember if I made back the amount of money that I had invested in advertising on that webinar itself but I had 200 more people that were reading Health Coach Weekly and I was over the moon.  Each time I do this now it gets a little bit easier, since I have a larger audience and more followers on social media.

Step 1

Create a squeeze or landing page for your event.  This can range from a simple form on your website to a dedicated page that is formatted specifically to collect emails.

You can put a video on it if you like, or just a really short description and catchy title about what people will learn by joining you.

Bullets are good here, you just want to whet the appetite and make people say “I need to go to this…”

Attract More Clients

Step 2

Link to this page wherever you can think of.  Your website, facebook, twitter, pinterest, any groups or forums you may belong to where your peeps hangout.  This last one just make sure it is the appropriate place to share and that you are providing valuable content first.

This is really the whole key to educational based marketing.  You need to provide really great content to your audience well in advance of asking them to break out their credit card and buy anything from you.  Especially in these days of slick marketing messages and over-hyped sales videos, focusing on serving your audience is definitely the way to go.

Step 3

Buy some advertising.  I meet so many people that are either scared of this or just plain opposed to it.  In brief, you just need to get over that hurdle.  You can’t help anyone if you don’t have anybody to talk to.  People are out there searching for you right now, they just don’t know it.  If they click on your ad, come to your event and it starts their transformation, do you think they will care how it was they found you.  No, they just want to find the solution to their problem, which is YOU!

I usually recommend people start out with facebook advertising for a bunch of reasons.

  • Reasonably low learning curve.
  • Easy to use on a budget.
  • Not as many restrictions as Google PPC. (pay per click)
  • No up front costs
  • Everyone is on facebook!

If you haven’t heard already, I am hosting a webinar case study of exactly how I do this.  I will give you a behind the scenes peek into the back end of my facebook ad account and show you the different options that are out there.  I’ll show you how to create a facebook event, what the best types of ads to run are and how to set them up, as well as share my results with you.  There are many different types of ads you can run and some get much better results than others.

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Pat Campbell - April 30, 2013

Geoff, this strategy to get some buzz going to generate new names on your list is a win/win. The webinar presenter is pushed to overcome the fear of doing something new only to discover the fun and value of using Go to Webinar. Not to mention, the increased exposure to their “thing” and new names on a list.
The guest receives wanted, valuable information by attending…and a continued resource for health transformation.

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