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How to Make Your Program Pricing Irresistible to Your Prospects

Have you ever bought something because of the AMAZING bonuses that came with it?  

I know I sure have, so maybe you have too.

I remember considering the purchase of a program a couple of years ago. The program looked really good, but I was still on the fence about it because of the investment, UNTIL I saw the BONUSES. 

When I saw what the (OMG, I have to have those!) BONUSES were, it made it a TOTAL no-brainer to say ‘yes’ right then and there. It also made the pricing of the program seem like a steal. I whipped out my credit card and shelled out the dough so I could grab the bonuses that would make the implementation of the program so much easier. 

Now that I think about it, I have done this on several occasions – bought a program because the bonuses were too good to pass up. It made the purchase decision such a “DUH!” moment. Like “WOW, I need that!” 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because, the strategy of adding bonuses works extremely well for almost any business, and it can work particularly well for health and fitness professionals – ESPECIALLY for online group programs. 

When you can make life easier for people in some way, they will gladly pay you for it, and this makes your programs irresistible.

Your bonuses add to the value of your program, and they need to make things easier for those that purchase. Think about what that may be for your clients. 

What do your clients or potential clients struggle with the most? 

Here are some ideas:

1. Knowing what to eat. In this instance, a great bonus would be a fabulous recipe guide chock full of healthy choices that are easy to prepare.

2. Knowing how to shop for healthy food at the grocery store. BAM! Use a health grocery shopping guide as a bonus.

3. Choosing healthy meals for the week. Your bonus for this could be a meal planning template. 

Here’s the CRITICAL thing to remember, though…

In order to make this work, your bonuses have to relate to the program you are promoting, and they have to make it easier/faster/less stressful for people to implement what you are teaching/selling. 

For example:  If you have a 30-Day online coaching program about being fit and healthy, you don’t want to include a bonus about something on an unrelated topic like natural skin care (great topic, but unrelated in this particular instance).  

Think about things that will make life easier for people somehow, and gear it to your audience. How can you increase people’s chances of succeeding with your program?  

Other ideas include:

– Training videos (videos of you teaching or demonstrating something)

– Helpful guide(s) on the subject that break things down for them

– Recipes that are quick and healthy

– Checklists or cheat sheets

– Trackers or templates

Let’s talk pricing – here’s one example:

If you have a short-term (30 day), online group program priced at $97, you can make that seem like a TOTAL BARGAIN based on the addition of BONUSES.  

You just have to be sure to list the bonuses separately, and include the value of each bonus, otherwise people will have no idea what they’re worth.  

Be specific and list each bonus, and in parenthesis show the dollar value amount.

For example, include something like this after your main sales copy: 

PLUS, you also get these incredible BONUSES…

Recipe Guide packed with 30 simple, delicious, nutrient-dense superfoods – ($29 value) 

Healthy Grocery Shopping Guide so you can easily navigate smart, healthy choices at the store ($19 value) 

Phenomenal Juice and Smoothie Guide for quick, nutrient-packed snacks ($19 value)

Weekly Meal-Planning Template to make it a breeze to plan healthy meals for the week ($9 value) 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls for extra support and accountability ($100 value)

In this instance, the bonuses alone are worth $176, and the price of your program is only $97

You can add more, or you can do something different, but the bottom line is, BONUSES work when they are presented in the right way.

I always add bonuses to my done-for-you coaching programs, and I ask myself the question “What will make this even easier for health coaches to put this into place and/or make the program more valuable to their clients?”

When you have awesome bonuses, it makes the total value of the program increase dramatically, so people are more inclined to say, “Heck YEAH! Sign me up!” 

You want your bonuses to be valuable extras that don’t cost you any extra money (other than your initial investment if you purchase a done-for-you program). For example, you wouldn’t want to have to mail out books or anything physical as a bonus because that takes up too much of your time (unless you can outsource this to someone else). Something that can be easily downloaded is best for you and your clients, and they will be very appreciative.

Health coaches charge a range of fees for their programs, and the pricing depends, in part, on what’s included. I see prices range from $150 per month for two 1-on-1 sessions all the way up to $1,500 for two sessions per month.

Your 1-on-1 coaching will be your premium package since this involves more of your time, so keep that in mind as you set your pricing. As you gain more experience, build your confidence, and get testimonials, you’ll feel more comfortable charging more. Start where you are and build from there.

As you put your programs and pricing into place, think about what bonuses you can add to make them even more irresistible, and see what a difference it makes when you promote your services!

Have more questions about packaging and pricing your coaching programs?

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Kathleen Legrys

Kathleen is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and founder of Health Coach Solutions. Kathleen helps health and wellness professionals build their business with customizable done-for- you coaching programs that allow them to coach with more confidence and accelerate their success. Find out more here - www.healthcoachsolutions.net.

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