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Make It Easy for Your Health Coaching Clients to Start Working With You

It’s amazing how often I’ll visit a website and find there’s no clear and easy way to contact the coach, or service provider. Sure, if I look hard enough, I’ll find an email address somewhere, or even a Contact page.

However, these options don’t answer the question “where do I start?”

Don’t leave your ideal health coaching clients wondering where to start after they read through your website. Don’t leave them to fill in a little form on your Contact page without any direction from you.

People Love Direction

You can offer a low-cost or free Breakthrough Session (initial consultation) and make it clear and easy for them to begin working with you.

Think of the last time you were in a large store looking for the checkout line. You probably looked up, expecting to find a nice big sign with an arrow.

Offering clear direction saves your prospective client time and energy, and it saves you time and energy when your clear directions are followed.

On my site, you’ll find a link in my navigation menu that says “Get Started”. Then you click one button to purchase an Awesome Tech Breakthrough Session, and then you get a link to my online schedule. Easy!

Totally Worth It

It takes a little time and know-how to get this simple system in place, but the benefits to your prospective clients and your business are great:

Your ideal client can purchase a session and schedule themselves online any time they want, whether you’re sleeping, traveling, or spending time with family on the weekend.

They don’t need to email you directly, which can feel awkward for some people. She won’t second-guess herself, wondering what the email should say, whether it’s weird to send it at 3am, whether you’ll ever get back to her.

You don’t waste time and energy responding to emails from strangers. Some people ask a dozen questions in their initial email – questions best addressed in a Breakthrough or Strategy Session – and you have to tell them that by email.

The time between their initial contact and your response gives them time to find someone else to work with, or lets their fear cause a total change of heart. Feels much better to skip all of this hassle.

All responsibility is on their end. You don’t need to hand-hold your prospective client through this first part of the process.

Once the appointment is made, the commitment to themselves is put into motion, which is very powerful. This sets the tone for your entire health coaching relationship. No need to email back and forth setting appointments and dealing with rescheduling every month.

Attract more qualified prospects. Having an automated process like this – especially when you’re charging for the session – improves the quality of people you have initial consults with, which will increase your close rate, and grow your health coaching business more easily.

It helps to weed out the folks who are just looking for a free private session with you, and nothing more. They’re better served by your newsletter and free teleclasses.

Action Steps

You can start with a free PayPal Payments Standard account to accept credit card payments. Even a small charge of $15 or $27 for a Breakthrough Session helps attract more serious prospects. Indicate its real value as well, though (for example $100) so they are aware of the discount they’re receiving.

After payment, they should be linked directly to your online calendar (if you’re using PayPal, you can set the URL under Step 3 of the button creation process). I recommend TimeTrade, which is affordable, easy to use, and can sync up with your existing Google, Outlook or iCal calendar.

If you’re not ready to charge for these sessions yet, offer the direct link to your calendar on your website.

I hope these tips help you grow your health coaching business and simplify your life. Please be in touch if I can be of service.

Comment below and feel free to use the Awesome Tech Facebook community when you have a quick question I can help you with!

To your awesome biz,

Heather Cottrell

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