Integrative Nutrition Live Conference March 2013

My IINsight and IINspiration from the Integrative Nutrition Live Conference March 2013

Integrative Nutrition Live Conference March 2013

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WOW! What a weekend. The Integrative Nutrition Live Conference March 2013 was last weekend and as usual, it did not disappoint. Lots of IINsights and IINspirations for me both personally and for my business, some of which I’ll share in this article.

Earlier this week I did a couple of recap articles of each days events, so if you want more of a synopsis you can check out the Integrative Nutrition Live Conference Day 1 Highlights or Day 2 Highlights.

My apologies for anyone I missed in my recap articles. There was so much great information shared and at the start of the conference I wasn’t as organized with my note taking. I was busily tweeting and sharing all the great nuggets, but didn’t get into the groove until the 2nd or 3rd speaker. I know I totally skipped writing about Karin Witzig Rozell, of, who was the first speaker after Joshua Rosenthal.

Karin talked about being in alignment with what is right for us and The 4 Core Relationships of the Irresistibly Attractive Wellness Pro, Things become a lot easier when you upgrade your core 4 relationships:

  • 1st Core Relationship…Your relationship with wealth.
  • 2nd Core Relationship…Your relationship with business.
  • 3rd Core Relationship…Your relationship with environments.
  • 4th Core Relationship…Your relationship with self.

For me personally, my biggest take away from this whole weekend was the sense that a successful life and business needs to be based on service and generosity. I hear lots of people say these words, but many fewer actually embody it. Danielle LaPorte summed it up well by saying “Generosity is the next frontier in business.”

I know if you are anything like me, you got into health coaching initially either because you wanted to help other people heal or help heal yourself. We all want both of these things in one order or the other. We study and learn, experiment on our selves, our families, our friends. We find out what works and what doesn’t. Most of us go through the period of trying to convince everyone they need to eat and live like we do, but most of us mature past that state.

Then we get to the whole marketing piece and this is where we stumble. I know I have been guilty of this myself. Starting a business is hard work, and especially if you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to pay the rent sometimes the altruistic motivation goes out the window.

    I am so glad I have had people in my life to remind me along the way about the greater mission, to help heal the planet. Facebook, twitter, blogs, squeeze pages, selling services, sometimes it all gets to be so overwhelming that we forget why we are doing all of this.

Now that I am starting to experience some degree of success in my business (it was great having so many people last weekend say “I read your newsletter every week”), I am starting to see more and more that this motivation of generosity and service are needed at every point in the business building process.

What IINspired me the most during the conference was when Joshua was talking about the vision of the school and all the charitable contributions to be made between now and 2020. I’ve never spoken personally to him about this, but I imagine there were some rough patches early in his journey to make this vision come to life so there is hope for us all.

Another big takeaway was around the whole money mindset. Almost every health coach I know wants to be able to give more (to their family, their community, causes, etc.) At the same time, lots of us struggle with the whole asking for money bit (I know I have been guilty of this). This is really a bit backwards thinking, since in order for me to give monetarily to causes and people I believe in I need to generate that income.

Lots of the speakers kept coming back around to this point in one version or another all weekend. Robert Notter’s quote summed it up pretty well for me “You can be a good person and create a great income…and have a greater impact.”

Speaking of service, another presentation that I know I missed was from semper fidelis health and wellness, at SFHW focuses on veterans assistance-providing health and wellness training, education and support to our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured warriors, their family members and care givers. They are doing great work for veterans and are looking for support to continue this work.

I guess what I will care the most from the Integrative Nutrition Live Conference is that any work I can do to help support health coaches to get their message out to the world in a bigger and better way is much more about being in service to my tribe than it is about making money. Thank you to all the great speakers for modeling this for all of us. It’s truly an honor to be part of such an incredible tribe.

Please share your IINspirations and IINsights from the conference in the comments below.

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Karene Walkden - March 7, 2013

Thanks so much for not only these brilliant IIN conference notes but the amazing and awesome inspiration you are. Having also clocked in for the Pinterest seminar and Facebook ad’s I am running to get my website live and linked into the social media and my local community. You have done a great job this week and may you be blessed with success. Thank you.

Geoff Young - March 7, 2013

You’re very welcome Karene. Thank you for the kind words.

Tanya Hanna - March 7, 2013

Geoff, I was not at the seminar/conference last week but reading your post placed me in the front seat. I truly thank you for your work and encourage you to stay motivated in your purpose to help us achieve our goals by giving us all a voice, a media to reach out and touch. Well done on today’s post, keep up the good work.



    Geoff Young - March 8, 2013

    Hey Tanya,
    Thank you for your kind words. Glad I was able to bring you with me.

Melanie McDaniel - March 7, 2013

Geoff, I am just beginning my IIN training on March 18th. I am so happy to have found your site. I had no idea IIN had an annual conference but chances are good that I will be there next year. Thank you so much for your generosity with information on this site. You have me more and more intrigued with this industry with every post!

    Geoff Young - March 8, 2013

    You are in for the ride of your life. Welcome to the greatest (and healthiest) tribe on the planet!

Shellie Bolyard - March 7, 2013

Thank you Geoff for the great recap of the IIN conference. I am 3/4 of the way through my training and I’m getting more excited everyday.

    Geoff Young - March 8, 2013

    You’re very welcome Shellie. I think they are having a student conference soon as well, I know the alumni events are always incredible. Keep me posted how it is going for you.

Zackery - March 16, 2013

Hey Geoff,

I really love your post! I do have to agree that generosity is the next frontier in business. The more you give free valuable content to your visitors, the more they will trust you and follow you! I’m glad you had a good weekend at the convention :). Keep up the good work!

    Geoff Young - March 20, 2013

    Thanks Zackery,
    Give and you shall receive!

Mark - March 28, 2013

Isn’t it interesting that when focus on the pursuit of material (i.e. business) success, we can easily lose sight of the passion and objectives that made us good at what we do in the first place.

It’s a gift to be in the business of helping others – and service and generosity can bring unforeseen rewards. It’s what some people call “karma”!

Geoff Young - March 29, 2013

So true Mark,
I think this is a trap we can all fall into on occassion. I definitely believe in karma.

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