How to share your content

How to Share Your Content for Maximum Effectiveness in Your Health Coaching Business

Writing content for your blog, your ezine and your Facebook page, is an excellent way to share your health coaching expertise, reach the people in your target market and attract ideal clients.

In addition to creating content that’s relevant, valuable and written in your ideal client’s language, practice being consistent for maximum effectiveness.

Be consistent in your frequency

Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. It’s better to write a quick newsletter every month, then wait and send
something “perfect” every three months. Frequency keeps you and your work in the minds of your prospective clients.

Start out with a consistent monthly newsletter and increase that to twice monthly. Keep each one short and sweet. Everyone’s over-saturated with information these days, so let your email newsletter be a quick and easy break for your readers. About every third or forth ezine can be offer-centered, rather than value-centered.

Post to your blog every other week to start, and aim for weekly posts. Again, short and sweet wins here. To maximize your content, copy the first part of your recent blog post to your next ezine with a link to “read more”.

If you have a Facebook business page, update it every few days to start, with the goal of two relevant posts each business day. Don’t forget to add a link to each new blog post there too, or set up automatic posting.

Be consistent in your message

Start by getting clear on the top three results your work can help your clients achieve. I’m sure there are dozens, or even hundreds, of possible benefits, but it’s important to clarify the top three.

For example, in your health coaching business the top three results you offer may be weight loss, improved energy and less stress.

If you’re not sure, review testimonials from past clients, go over session notes, or make a list of every result your work offers and circle the top three results that nearly every client who works with you can achieve.

These top three results make up the foundation of your marketing message.

Use these topics as content for your blog, teleseminar topics, social media posts, program design and newsletters. Talk about weight loss, energy and stress again and again. Cycle through these three ideas in all of your marketing. There’s plenty of content to create from here.

When you stay on message, your brand and the work you do, become very clear. Prospective clients resonate immediately, colleagues and partners can easily talk about what you do and refer clients to you, and you simplify your marketing efforts (saving you much time and bringing you better results).

Be consistent in the tone of your work

When you write the way you speak, this will come easily. Your tone will remain authentic throughout your work.

When you write, know who you’re writing to. This makes a big difference in the effectiveness of everything you write.

If you’re writing to “women in general”, for instance, you will likely stick to the middle-of-the-road in your content. Fearful you might offend, you will come across as less than confident, and certainly not as an expert. Trying to attract everyone to become a client, you’ll blend in, instead of standing out as a specialist.

You must know who your niche is, your target market, the group of people you and your health coaching business are a great match for. Taking it one step further, when you’re writing, specify for yourself one person, or an amalgam of one person, that you’re writing directly to. This is your ideal client.

This person may be a past or current client, a friend, or an imagined ideal client. Get it as clear as you can and every time you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, have him or her in the front of your mind.

This way you’ll have an easier time writing and your work will have more impact on the right people: your ideal clients.

Begin to practice consistency in frequency, message and tone with your newsletter/ezine, blog and social media updates, and you will begin to experience more consistency in new initial consultation appointments, new health coaching clients and increased income.

To your awesome biz,

Heather Cottrell

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