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How to promote your detox or cleanse (even if you don’t have a list)

Do you want to fill your programs, but not sure how?

If you are considering launching an in-person or virtual program in the next few months, you might be wondering how you can reach a wider audience than your current list.

While my team and I focus our work on online marketing strategies, I think it’s very important that you don’t miss out on offline marketing strategies.

If you have a larger list, you may want to focus promoting your programs via promotional emails to your list and through affiliate or Joint Venture partners.

If you don’t have a list or have a smaller list, you will want to focus on offline marketing strategies to promote your programs.

Today I am going to share 3 powerful ways to market your program – even if you don’t have a list and are just starting out.

Strategy #1: The “preview” workshop

A preview workshop is similar to a preview call, where you speak about a topic related to the program you are planning to offer.

For example, if you are going to offer a detox that is focused on food sensitivities, you could offer a preview workshop called “Food Sensitivities & How They Are Affecting Your Weight, Mood, & Digestion.”

During the workshop, you will make an invitation for participants to take it further in your upcoming program.

Start by contacting people you have a connection with. Here are some ideas of places you might want to speak: gyms, yoga or pilates studios, personal training studios, acupuncture clinics, chiropractor offices, mom’s groups, women’s groups, corporations, and health food stores.

HOT TIP: Find places where your ideal clients hang out and places that have the foot traffic to draw a crowd. You don’t simply want a space. You want a space that has a large audience and is willing to promote your workshop and fill your programs.

Schedule at least 3 live speaking engagements, 1-2 weeks before your program starts.

Strategy #2: Offer a “preview” teleseminar with a promotional partner

The idea behind this strategy is to reach beyond your current list. You can do this by hosting a joint teleseminar with a colleague.

The teleseminar content will be the same as the preview workshop described above.

Your colleague or promotional partner will market the teleseminar to their list, giving you more exposure.

Who makes a good potential partner?

Identify someone who reaches a similar audience but offers something complimentary to you and does not compete with you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to colleagues who have been in business longer than you or have a bigger list than you.

Then, set up squeeze page (also known as a registration, opt-in, or landing page), where people will go to register for the teleseminar. When people register for the teleseminar they will automatically be added to your list.

HOT TIP: Make it very easy for your partner to promote the teleseminar. Provide your partner with copy for 2 emails and several social media posts that they can simply copy and paste and use to promote the teleseminar.

Strategy #3: Partner with an existing brick and mortar business

If you want to enroll a large number of people into your program, find a partner that offers complementary services.

Several of our clients have had success marketing a detox or cleanse through fitness-related businesses that have a brick and mortar business.

One of our clients had over 100 people in the first launch of her detox, and another client had over 300 people in the first launch of her detox using this strategy.

Examples of fitness-related businesses:

· yoga studios

· Pilates studios

· ballet bar studios

· gyms

· personal training studios

· Cross Fit gyms

There are likely opportunities for partnerships all around you.
Start with personal connections. This doesn’t have to be a close friend, but think about places you frequent, people you have met, or friends of friends.

As in Strategy #2, above, make it easy for your partner to market.
Your partner is busy, just like you and me. Make it super easy for them to promote your program. Provide them with pre-written emails and social media posts they can simply copy and paste.

If you want to learn how to run a cleanse be sure to sign up for our webinar.

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Amy Lippmann

Amy Lippmann is a Marketing Strategist & Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches, which provides done-for-you online marketing solutions for health & wellness entrepreneurs. Amy and her team have helped hundreds of health coaches & nutritionists successfully launch cleanses and detoxes. Go here to get her FREE Guide with Marketing Calendar: “Learn What To Do (and when) To Fill Your Next Online Program.”

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