How to Grab the Attention of Your Ideal Health Coaching Client

Picture your ideal health coaching client – the type of person youʼd most like to work with.  Do you know what words to use to grab their attention?  I donʼt mean copywriting techniques like “Discover 7 Secrets to…”  I mean the words and phrases that really resonate with the people you want to attract.

I see health coaches struggling with this a lot.  They are great at describing the features of what they do and the techniques they use.  They use phrases like “menu planning,”
“produce shopping,” “detoxing,” and “cooking lessons.”  But they fall short at really grabbing their ideal clientʼs attention.  And as a result, they get little response from their marketing.

So how do you know exactly what words and phrases to use to grab attention without taking a copywriting course?  The short answer is that you ask ideal clients what they want.  But if it were that simple, everyone would be great at promoting their health coaching services.

So in this article, Iʼm going to give you an easy to follow 3-step system to help you get crystal clear on exactly what to say and write to grab the attention of the people you most want to work with.

Step #1 – List Your Results

Make a list of all the results your clients get when working with you.  Write these in your own words.  You might include things like: stop sugar cravings, get more done, better sleep, know how to cook healthy meals, more energy, know how to shop for fresh produce.

Try to come up with a list of at least ten different major results and ten smaller results.  If you can list 50 or more results, that would be great.  Donʼt forget to include any and all results, benefits, breakthroughs, and transformations that are practical, emotional, physical, mental, and even spiritual.

Often times achieving one transformation leads to improvements in many different areas of their lives.  So you donʼt want to overlook all the different ways that you help someone.

For example, if you help your client achieves their health goals, how else do they benefit?  Did they see their stress level drastically reduced?  Are they finally able to take family vacations or spend quality time with the kids?  Do they have better relationships now that they arenʼt tired all the time?  Has their entire mindset around junk foods and health foods shifted for the better?  Are they in better relationships now?

Make a list of everything you can think of. Then go to step 2.

Step #2 – List Your Clientʼs Favorite Results

Interview your best health coaching clients, the ones that got the best results, and that you enjoyed working with the most.  Ask them what their favorite results were from working with you.  Ask them about their transformations and breakthroughs as well. What were their “ah-ha” moments?

Write down the answer they give you using their own wording.  Itʼs important that you donʼt try to reword their answers.  For instance, if they say, “I finally have the energy to play with my kids in the evening,” donʼt reword that to “Client has more energy and spends time with family.”

Remember to ask deeper questions to get their results on multiple levels in their life.  If they say their favorite result was that they now have more energy, ask them what difference that makes in their family/career/personal life now that they have more energy. Ask why those things are important to them.

I recommend that you interview at least five ideal clients and create a long list of favorite results they achieved.  These are the results that your other ideal clients really want. These words and phrases will grab their attention.

But wait!  Weʼre not done yet.  Now that you know the results they want, how do you word that in your marketing to attract clients like crazy?  Go to Step 3.

Step #3 – Now Match The Two Up

Now you have two lists:  results in your own words and results in your clients’ words.  See how many of them you can match up.  Some may be a one-to-one match.  With others, it may be five to one: five of your results match up to one of theirs.  Thatʼs fine.  The object here is to try to match them up in groups that make sense.

For instance, you may have matched up your clientʼs statement “I finally have the energy to play with my kids in the evening” with your results of: balanced hormones, eat nutritious meals, detox body, remove sugar from diet, etc.

You now have your very own translation sheet.  You can translate that feature or technical result you do into the exact words and phrases that grab the attention of your ideal client. Youʼll be speaking their language.

Instead of telling a prospect that you will help them plan their menus, remove sugar from their diet, remove toxins from their body, and increase fresh food intake, youʼll ask them, “How would you like to have enough energy to work all day and still feel great enough to play with your kids in the evening?”


In the future, when you talk or write about a result, feature, or technique that you use in your health coaching practice, word it so your prospects instantly understand what you are offering and see the value in it.

I recommend that you regularly interview your best clients and write down their favorite transformations and results when working with you so that you can keep growing your new marketing translation sheet.

Youʼll find this to be a gold mine.  You never know when a client will give you just the right phrase to turn your marketing into pure gold.

Hereʼs an extra tip.  If you find youʼre attracting the wrong people to your health coaching practice, take a close look at the words and phrases you are using in your marketing.  Itʼs most likely those specific words and phrases that are grabbing the attention of people youʼd rather not work with.

Often, a few simple tweaks and changes can really turn your business around and start attracting the fabulous clients you most want to work with.

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Pamela E Johnson - December 9, 2011

What great tips! Thank you for sharing what you have learned. The more I speak the language of my ideal client, the more clients I can help lose pounds and feel happier.


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