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Shh! 3 Secrets to Success Someone Forgot to Tell Health Coaches


If you had told me three years ago that there were going to be this many tools in my business bag, I’d have laughed at you. “I’m just a writer,” I’d have told you.

All I do is provide the creative strategies and writing people need to market their business. “That’s it,” I’d have scoffed.

It turns out success in business is far more complicated than ‘just’ what you do. And even beyond the late nights spent developing coaching programs, or tweaking a speech at the last minute, there are three secrets I want you to know:

You’re a business person first.

Far beyond being just a copywriter, my decisions for my business have to make sense and tie-in with my overall strategy for success. For example, I will only accept free assignments if:

  • It builds my portfolio
  • It puts me significantly in front of my niche
  • I’m very passionate about the topic

You see, you cannot work for free. And remember that your time is money. To ensure that both you and your bank account stay happy, you must treat your health coaching pursuits as a business first.

Do not accept any gigs that don’t serve your bigger goal. Do not allow yourself to over-indulge toxic clients. Do not feel bad about making decisions for yourself that are in the best interests of your ability to earn a living as a health coach.

Delegation is a means of survival.

For every busy health coach, there will come a time when you are simply too busy to do it all yourself.  As in all things life, this may not be at a time when you, personally, are ready to start letting go of specific tasks in your business.

For those times, recognize that you will not become more successful unless you delegate.  Hire people to do anything you don’t like doing and/or that takes up too much of your time to accomplish:

  • Writing blogs / content marketing
  • Answering phones / scheduling appointments
  • Cleaning / organizing your office
  • Website updates or design

Change is hard; stagnation is harder.

Every few months, you take your car in for a tune-up.  Every few years, you do maintenance on your house.  Why, then, don’t you do a wellness check on your business?

There’s no need to be scared; rebranding happens to all of us.  First, we’re “just a writer,” and then we’re suddenly developing content strategies and editing eBooks.

It’s important that you alter your health coaching business to reflect what’s happening in the world around you as well as within you personally.  If you realize you have outgrown a path, go purposefully in another direction.

Unfortunately, owning a business isn’t all roses.  You do have to work hard, stay on task and continually work towards your goals.  However, the biggest secret is truly how fulfilling self-employment can be.

There is nothing as sweet as knowing that your efforts are changing lives every day – one client at a time.

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