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Are You a Health Coach Blogger or Business Owner?

There’s a difference.

The blogosphere has too many blog writers and readers to count. But not all blogs and bloggers are created equal. If you’re a health coach and business owner, you have to learn what kind of blogger to be.

Consider which of these categories you fit into, and where you should be to grow your business.

I blog, therefore I am

Lots of people write a blog as an online journal. If they’re a good writer, sharing their interesting life, their blog is probably very popular, and earns them a good reputation and an income.

These bloggers will often be, or become, published authors and paid speakers. Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, is a good example.

The majority of blog-as-journal-writers, however, are not as interesting. Their blogs are more intended for their friends and family.

I have something to share, therefore I blog

These blogs can be fun to read and really useful. Blogs in this category are about a specific topic, hobby or area of interest. These blogs are generally instructive and educational.

I’m busy decorating a new apartment, and when I do a Google search for “how to paint wood furniture” most of the results are from crafty individuals. Here’s one of countless examples.

I find it more helpful to read instructions from a regular person whose done it, and has the pics to prove it, then a generic “how-to” on a home improvement store’s site.

A smart blogger in this category will monetize their blog with some links or ads to products and services they recommend.

I have something to say, therefore I blog

Similar to the last category, but I’d put blogs about news, politics, and gossip here. Huffington Post is an example.

I have something to sell, therefore I blog

Online marketers know that running a blog is a great way to earn income. These bloggers have something to sell, or they’re selling other people’s products via affiliate links and ads. They’ve strategically set up a website to earn them income while they sleep. Do a Google search to find reviews of online hosting companies, for example, and you’ll find blogs full of reviews and affiliate links.

There are brick-and-mortar companies in this category too. Running a blog brings a bit of personality to an otherwise typical online shopping experience, which can help it stand out from the crowd.

I have something to share and sell, therefore I blog

This is the category you should be in. You’re running a health coaching business. Your business is about showing people how to transform their lives.

You should be a blogger to create relationships with your potential health coaching clients by making your unique message personal, to keep your website fresh and ranking higher in search databases, to instruct and inform, and to offer your products and services.

The Integrative Nutrition blog is a good example of this. They share all kinds of info, recipes, links to interesting articles, and they also offer a distance learning course. The blog both informs the public, helping them spread their message, and also creates relationship with potential new students (customers).

The solopreneur (that’s you!) can do this too. My blog is an example.

Some of you aren’t blogging at all (get started now!) and some of you are just blogging as a journal, with some education thrown in, but not with an eye toward marketing your health coaching business.

If you don’t have a blog, or you’re not using the one you have, or you want to learn how to be a better blogger, schedule an Awesome Business Breakthrough Session now. Use coupon code HCW20 for a discount! I can develop your website and blog for you, and show you how to make blogging fun and EASY.

What kind of blog do you write? Share your opinions on blogging, and if there’s a category you think I missed, in the comments section below.

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