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Getting Started with Online Health Coaching

Online health coaching is different from traditional offline health coaching.  As a result, most health coaches leave coaching school with a desire to market their services nationally or globally, but have no idea how to do so.  And their website becomes an online brochure does not bring them clients.

So how do you get started marketing your health coaching online?  Here are 3 keys to understanding the difference between offline marketing and online marketing for health coaches so you can start attracting high-paying clients online.

Key #1 – Follow up marketing

When you are marketing in person, such as conversations with potential clients or

presentations to groups, you have a much greater chance of someone hiring you on the spot.  However, if you are advertising and don’t have personal contact, people need to see your marketing message 9-12 times (on average) before they will buy from you.

With online marketing, people do not have personal contact with you.  For this reason, it’s essential that you have a follow up marketing plan if you want to attract clients.  For most health coaches this will include email messages, social media postings, and your newsletter.  It may also include automated online notification services, such as YouTube Channel subscriptions or RSS feeds of your blog posts.

If you want to get more clients with your website, you must follow up.

Key #2 – Establish Credibility

How do you establish your credibility online, even when you’re just getting started as a health coach?  It’s done a little differently than with offline marketing.

Here are two surefire ways to get instant credibility online:

  1. Give away irresistible content online, including your newsletter and site articles.  Your ideal client will find it very valuable and want more.
  2. Include great testimonials, especially on the first page of your website and in your newsletter.  Make the testimonials easy to find and interesting to read. Include case studies, client success stories, or testimonials in all your online marketing when you can do so authentically.  People need to know what you can do for them.

Key #3 – Set Yourself Apart

This is a major difference between offline marketing and online marketing for health coaches.  When you are marketing your health coaching offline , there’s usually no ready way for someone to check out your competition.  So they are more likely to consider your services and make a decision.

But when someone hears or sees your marketing message online, they are seconds

away from checking out your competition – and not just locally.  Google will list for them all your competitors in the entire world.

Set yourself apart from everyone else online with an irresistible, unique marketing

message.  Your ideal client will be so excited to read what you have to say, they won’t even think about searching for the competition.  And even if they do search online, chances are no one will compare because you are unique!


There are many similarities between traditional marketing for coaches (offline

marketing) and online marketing: you still need a great niche and a unique marketing message (I call it branding).  You still need irresistible programs and packages that transform people’s lives.

But when marketing online, you need to tweak your offline marketing strategies in a specific way because the Internet is a different environment.  Start using the three keys above in your online health coaching marketing, and you’ll start easily attracting high paying clients who are excited to be working with a brilliant health coach like you.

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