Get Unlimited, Free, Qualified Traffic to Your Health Coaching Website – In As Little As 15-30 Minutes A Day

When most health coaches think about getting free traffic to their health coaching website, they think “search engine optimization” or SEO.  I personally love SEO, but itʼs not the quickest way to get free web traffic. 
The reality, is that there are billions of webpages online and only ten get listed on the first page of search results.  Trying to get one of those ten spots can be a very long and expensive process.
The shortcut to getting on page one is to pay for advertising, like Pay Per Click (PPC).  That can get you on the first page of search engine results and bring traffic to your site quickly. But it’s not free.  And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily end up spending more on advertising than you earn in new business.

The Holy Grail

The holy grail of online marketing is free, highly qualified traffic to a website that has high conversion.  In this article you’re going to learn an easy way to get just as much traffic as you could with PPC, except this
traffic is free.  That means you’ll save hundred of dollars in advertising.
All it will cost you is your time – about 15-30 minutes per day.  And you don’t even have to do the work yourself.  You could get your teenager or a virtual assistant to do it for you.

At First, I Didn’t Believe It Could Work – But It Does!

When I first heard about this method, I had serious doubts it would work.  But once I started tracking my traffic and saw the results, I knew this could work for others so I shared it with a few coaches. 
The results? Two coaches reported back to me.  They each got hundreds of visitors to their site in just a couple of days using this method.  And one of the sites was brand new.  So if you’re a health coach just
getting started, this can work great for you.
So what is it?  It’s Twitter.
Stop laughing.  I’m serious. 
If you use the steps outlined in this article, you will be amazed at how much free, qualified traffic you get to your health coaching website.
Most people are doing it wrong.  I’m going to show you how to do it right and get results in five easy steps.

Step 1 – Get a free Twitter account.

Twitter is a social networking site that lets you micro blog messages in 140 characters or less.  If you don’t already have an account, you can get yours here:
I recommend that you get an account with your name or the name of your company if it’s available.

Step 2 – Build a list of followers very quickly.

Find someone on Twitter who meets the following criteria:
  • They are an expert at what they do.
  • They have hundreds or thousands of followers.
  • The people following them are very likely your ideal client.
When you get to that person’s site, look at all their followers. Then click the “Follow” button next to each person’s picture to follow them.  Choose a couple dozen people to follow each day. During the next week,
most of these people will follow you back.
Repeat the above process until you have a list of several hundred.

Step 3 – Get a free BudURL or account. and allow you to shrink long URLs into short URLs.  But what’s really special is that you’ll be able to track the number of times your shortened link gets clicked.  So you’ll see how well your different links are working for you.
Decide which account you’d like to use and sign up.  Once your account is set up, create short links to your free offers and articles that can be tracked.

Step 4 – Micro blog irresistible free offers.

Now you’re ready to micro blog on Twitter. We call that sending a tweet.
Tweet something that is irresistible for your ideal client.  Make it interesting and include the trackable URL to send them to your website.
For example, if you’re a health coach, tweet about one of your articles like this: “Enjoy this summer’s fun with twice the energy you had last year.  Free article tells you how:”

Step 5 – Track Results

Go to your account at and look at your statistics to see how many clicks you’ve received.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

If you have a few hundred followers who are your ideal prospects, you can expect 10-20 clicks each time you send a tweet.  The more followers you have, the more clicks you will get.
Compare that with most PPC campaigns which only get 5-10 clicks per day.
Remember that different people are on Twitter at different times of the day.  So you could easily tweet 3-4 times a day and different people will see it each time.

Let’s do the math…

If you tweet 4 times per day and get only 10 clicks each time, that’s 40 visitors to your site per day or 1,200 visitors per month.  You can probably do even better than that.
And keep in mind that this is QUALIFIED traffic.  They are visiting your site because they are interested in what you offered in your tweet.
If you are sending them to a website with an irresistible free offer and web form, a significant number of these visitors will join your email list as well.  As you follow up with them, you’ll get more health coaching
clients and make more sales.
And it didn’t cost you anything except your time – about 15-30 minutes per day. 
How much is it worth? A lot!  If you were running a PPC campaign at $0.50 per click (which is on the low end), 1,200 visitors would cost you $600.
As a health coach, you have lots of great content to share.  Use this easy method to repurpose your articles and get tons of free, qualified traffic to your site.
For more tips, strategies, and articles on how to get more clients and create irresistible offers and websites, visit  From Karen Brunet, The Irresistible Marketing Coach and

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Lorenzo Gutierrez - July 25, 2019

Organic and inbound marketing channels are much better than PPC. Better to invest into those.

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