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Get More Clients and Great Website Traffic with This One Thing

How much content should you give away on your website? Do you give away some of
your best stuff? Or do you give good content and share your best secrets and tips with
clients only? It’s a dilemma.

If you give away too little or “fluff” that can be found anywhere online, you won’t be able
to attract many web visitors and clients. Give away too much, and you’ll attract lots of
website traffic, but people won’t see a need to hire you because they think they can do-it themselves.

The answer lies with a universal truth that works in and out of marketing. And I recently
had a great marketing lesson in this truth with – of all things – my bird feeders.

You see, at the start of summer, we filled 2 bird feeders with premium bird seeds. You
know, the really good stuff with sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and nuts. Sure it was more
expensive, but we wanted to attract the pretty song birds into our back yard. And since
there hadn’t been any food out for over a year, we needed something really appealing
so they would keep coming back – and hopefully tell the other birds about us.

It worked. Within 2 weeks, our backyard was full of colorful birds and squirrels. Almost
anytime I looked out my office window, I saw activity that either had me laughing or
saying “Awwwww, look how cute!”

Then after a couple of months we bought a cheaper bird food – still good seeds but not
the premium stuff. In one week, my backyard “air and ground traffic” went from looking
like the Atlanta airport to an abandoned landing strip. Even the squirrels stopped

There is a good ending, though. We filled the feeders back with premium bird seed,
and it’s back to international airport traffic again with multiple 747s (doves and blue jays)
all trying to land at once.

Marketing lesson learned…

Good Content = Poor Traffic + No Clients
GREAT Content = Great Traffic + More Clients

If you want to start attracting more website visitors and clients, here’s 3 things
you must start doing now.

1. Give Great Content

It’s not enough to give good content. You have to give GREAT content. Remember the
example above with the bird feed? The cheaper seeds we put out weren’t bad seeds.
They just weren’t what the birds and squirrels wanted. They decided that they could eat
better somewhere else, and they left.

If you aren’t giving your ideal client the great content that they want, they’ll go
somewhere else.

Also, your content will determine what type of audience you attract, just like I can attract
different birds depending on the feed I put out. So make sure your content is especially
relevant to the kind of client you want to attract.

Is it harder to put out great content? Yes. You’ll have to give it more thought, go into
more detail, and perhaps hire someone to help you with the writing or editing.

Is it worth the extra effort? Absolutely!

2. Make It Easy to Find

So many health coaches today are a “best kept secret.” They help their clients achieve
amazing transformations, but nobody knows about them.

Likewise, make your content easy to find, not hard to find.

In the example with the birdfeeder, I added a second feeder next to an existing one that
had been empty for a while. I set up both feeders in a forested area already filled with
hungry squirrels and birds.

You, too, can make your content easy to find. Here are a few I love to use with my

• Place videos on YouTube
• Write articles for other related websites or newsletters
• Write articles for article directories
• Notify social media accounts when you add content to your website
• Publicize on related forums when you’ve published new content
• Add your newsletter to an newsletter directory
• SEO your site for relevant keywords

Note that you don’t have to rely on your own site traffic to get noticed. You just have to
put great content out there where your clients are looking for it.

3. Give Away 90%

Yes, you read that right: 90%. Top internet marketers have already proven that this
model works great, whether you’re offering software, instructional classes, group
programs, or personal health coaching services. In fact, this is one way to ensure your
content is really good – only hold back your best 10% for clients.

So what makes up the 10%? That would be the special tips and secrets that help your
clients get faster results, exponentially better results, and short-cuts the learning curve.
In other words, when someone hires you, they are paying you to make it even easier for
them. They are not paying you for basic information they can get almost everywhere

The first time I heard this marketing model, I was skeptical. But once I thought about it,
I realized that for most coaches, their best secrets for getting results is only about
10-20% of everything they do. And that’s what sets them apart from everyone else.

As a health coach, think about it. How much of the information you share is virtually the
same as the information being shared by every other health coach? What is the 10%
that makes up your “secret recipe” for faster, better results? That’s the content you save
for clients. Give away the other 90%, and you’ll be seen as THE expert your ideal client
wants to work with.


Marketing can be so much fun when we apply simple principles that work. I love being
able to take great truths about life and apply them in business and marketing – like
attracting birds and attracting clients. And you can do the same.

Think beyond just being “good enough”. As a health coach, you have an amazing
opportunity to transform people’s lives. So think “great.” Think “excellent.” Create
great content that your clients will love and give it away. If you’re holding back, and just
giving “good” content, you’ll find it difficult to attract the website traffic and clients that
you really want.

Of course, don’t “give away the farm.” That means don’t give away so much information
that people think they don’t need your help. They do need your help to get better
results faster. And that is why most clients will hire you. They are tired of trying to do it
on their own – and failing. They’ll recognize you as the expert and want your help to get
what they want quickly and easily.

For more tips, strategies, and articles on how to get more clients and create irresistible
offers, programs and websites, visit  From Karen Brunet,
online marketing consultant, where “It’s not just a website…It’s the Mother Lode!”

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