Learn to Focus on Getting Things Done

The question of focus comes up with my clients all the time. They’re passionate, creative health coaches full of great ideas. They just don’t always know how to harness their creative energy and passion into ways that will get them to their goals. They need to learn how to focus.

Getting Clear

Start by being clear what you want. If it’s an income goal, for example, put the number down in writing. Consider your income goal for the year and break it down into months. Know your income goal for this month and write it somewhere that you see it every day.

At the start of each day – or the block of time you’ve set aside for your health coaching business – bring your income goal to mind. Then write down up to 3 income-boosting actions you will take. That’s your to do list. Only after you complete those 3 actions would you spend time fussing with less goal-oriented tasks (ie, the easier stuff that keeps you feeling busy but never moves your business forward).

Some examples of income-boosting activities would be sending a targeted email to a few local yoga studios offering to present a talk to their students, writing a blog post and sharing it with your list and on social media including a link to join your list or schedule an initial consultation, or following up with a potential client by email reminding them about a discount that’s expiring.

These kinds of “putting yourself out there” activities can actually lead to new clients and income.

Hiding behind busywork, like changing the photo on your health coaching website’s About page for the third time, does not. Resist the temptation to spend hours on things that won’t lead to new business, take up too much of your time and/or would be better handled by an expert.

Focus on Your Expertise

I’m amazed how many times a new client tells me they spent months trying to learn how to build a website before they contacted me. Unless you’re interested in a business as a web designer, a Health Coach does not need that skill.

You need to keep your focus on sharing your message with your potential clients by writing and speaking consistently, working with your clients and, if it feels good to do so, advancing your coaching skills and expertise in your field. Leave the technical stuff – and other business tasks that take up too much of your time, like bookkeeping – to other experts.

If you’re like many of my clients, you’re coming up with new ideas all the time. And that’s great. It’s better to have a passionate, creative mind than not. But there is a downside. What I see these smart coaches doing is putting together new offers, programs, retreats, ecourses and ebooks and trying to market them, and then starting on the next great idea before ever getting to a place where the first idea found success.

Until you have a huge following of people who want everything you’ve got to offer, you need to find a few people who want what you put out there. To find them, you need to put your great idea out into the world and stand by it over time, putting all your passion behind it and saving the next great idea for later.

Let Your Success Build

At the start of your business, it’s better to get traction and start to experience what success (and the income that comes along with it) feels like. To do that, you need to trust in your ideas and learn how to market them.

What you learn through the experience of marketing one great idea, can later be applied to your next creation. You can channel your creativity, your desire to always be coming up with something new, into trying out new marketing strategies for the one offer you’re committed to.

For example, if income is your goal, you could put all of your focus on getting new clients into your six month health coaching program. Learn how to attract a new client, how to get them to schedule that initial conversation, and how to enroll them into your program. Do that a bunch of times, really experience what it’s like to successfully put an offer out into the world (your six month program) and get people to invest in it. Once that’s going well, you might create another offering.

Now you know the steps it takes to enroll new clients into that second offering, and so on. Let each success build up to the next.

What I see new health coaches doing instead is offering a detox group, a three month and six month program, a retreat and an ecourse all at once, not knowing yet how to successfully market any of them, and then getting frustrated that nothing seems to be taking off. In time, you’ll be offering all sorts of things, but you need to stick with one at a time until you’ve got a decent size following and some successes under your belt.

Otherwise, it feels like a constant uphill battle, and it doesn’t need to.

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to focus on one great idea and learn how to market it successfully, I can show you how. Start by scheduling an Awesome Business Breakthrough Session (use code HCW20 to save $20) now.

To you and your awesome business,

Heather Cottrell

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