Fill Your Health Coaching Practice and Create a Waiting List of Clients Eager to Hire You

Imagine…a waiting list of ideal clients who have said, “I need to work with you.  Please let me know as soon as you have any openings.”  It’s the dream of every health coach and holistic practitioner – a full practice with a waiting list.  No more income “roller coaster” months or empty spots on your coaching calendar.

The good news is that it isn’t that hard to achieve.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you implement the right strategies in the right order, it’s definitely possible within a few months.  And it will work whether you’re already a practicing health coach or you’re still in coaching school.

Here are the 5 steps to creating a waiting list of clients eager to hire YOU.

Step 1 – Create an Irresistible Marketing Message

You must clearly communicate your health transformation, e.g. the results potential clients get when they work with you.  If people don’t understand how you can help them,
they won’t hire you.  It’s that simple.

Do people get excited when you introduce yourself and tell them what you do?  If not, this is the first step to creating a waiting list of clients – create an irresistible marketing
message.  To do this you will need to be crystal clear on your niche, your ideal client, and your transformation.  It’s the basis for ALL your marketing success.

Then, next time someone asks you what you do, you can respond with something like…
• I help women over 50 feel better than they did in their 30’s.
• I help people with chronic migraines get rid of their headaches in 1 week or less –
• I reverse dyslexia in children and adults.
• I help you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks so you can wear your favorite jeans again.

Step 2 – Create Irresistible Programs and Offers

When you’re talking to a prospective client, you must have something irresistible to offer them – something that they really want.  As a health coach, that is often easy to find because when people are suffering with a health condition, they are often desperate to find a solution.

Once you know your niche, ideal client, and transformation, creating programs and offers becomes fun because you know what they want, and you know how to give it to
them.  Your ideal client won’t want a band-aid to cover up symptoms.  They do want the permanent, holistic solution that you can help them get.

I recommend that health coaches have at least one paid program and a free newsletter.   Coaching programs of three to six months are best, to begin with.  The next must-have is a free, irresistible offer.  That will get you started, and you can add-on other offers, like VIP days, teleseminars, or audio/video training products later on.

Step 3 – Create a Marketing System

Don’t let the word “marketing system” scare you off.  This doesn’t have to be complicated.  A good marketing system is a process you use to attract potential clients.  It tells them how you can help them, offers them the transformation they desperately want, generates leads, and signs them up for your coaching program.

To make this fun and easy you need to have steps one and two above already in place, and you’ll want to use marketing strategies that you enjoy.  There are dozens of ways to
attract clients so choose a process that feels great for you.

A marketing system can (and should) include a website for your health coaching practice, especially for offering your free, irresistible offer and for building a list.  But a website shouldn’t be your only form of marketing.

Step 4 – Start Marketing

Don’t stay a best-kept-secret.  You are a brilliant health coach, and there are many people who desperately need the help and transformation that you can give them.  But if
you don’t consistently put your marketing system into action, you may as well be hiding.

Let people know that you are ready and able to help them with their biggest problems and challenges.  Create an irresistible marketing message and use it everywhere.  Practice saying it until it becomes second nature.  And when someone shows interest in what you do, immediately follow up with your marketing system so they become a potential client (and hopefully a paying client).

Once you have steps one, two, and three in place, marketing becomes almost effortless, even fun.  You’ll have a series of steps that you know to do on a regular basis to attract clients.  And when you tell them about your irresistible programs, they’ll be excited to work with you.

Step 5 – Fill Your Health Coaching Practice

When you follow through on consistent marketing with a great marketing system and irresistible programs and offers, you will soon fill your health coaching practice.  So what’s next? People are still contacting you and want YOU to help them with their health issues, but you’ve got no more room on your calendar.  (It’s a great problem to have!)

The first thing you will want to do is start a waiting list.  I call mine a “Priority Notification List.”  Do not – I repeat, do not – stop your marketing once your practice is full.  And don’t tell potential clients that you’re full and not taking any more new clients.  That will only lead to roller-coaster income months, with wild fluctuations in your income.

Instead, continue to have conversations with potential clients to see if your program is a good fit for them.  If they are a good fit, let them know about your waiting list and collect the names of people who want to work with you as soon as you are available.


With a good-size waiting list, you may NEVER have to issue invitations to your mailing list that you have new client spots available.  Instead, anytime you have an opening come up on your calendar, you’ll have three or more potential clients who are ready and eager to sign up.

Once your waiting list has enough potential clients to fill your practice several months out, then you may want to either start a group health coaching program so you can work with more clients (and increase your income) or cut back on your marketing, whichever is your preference.

And of course, you’ll definitely want to raise your fees since you are now a highly sought-after health coach!

If you’ve been struggling to get clients and fill your health coaching practice, take a look at the five steps above and see which step you need to start working on today.  Follow these steps in order, and you’ll find it easier than ever before to attract high-paying clients and create a waiting list of people who are eager to work with you.

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