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3 Ways to Double Your Health Coaching Income… Without Working Harder

Have you tried charging higher fees only to find you couldn’t get clients? Or do you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling with your health coaching income, and you can’t charge more or take on new clients?

Learn my 3 favorite ways to double your coaching income without working harder. These strategies can work whether you’re just getting started in your practice, or you are a seasoned holistic practitioner.

One of the things I love about coaching is that there are no limits on how high your fees can go. In a way, you can charge whatever you want. You just need to find someone willing to hire you.

Think about it. Today, there are multiple coaches charging $100K/year for private coaching and $7K/day (or more) for private VIP Days. And higher fees aren’t just limited to business and marketing coaches. You’ll find coaches in holistic health, spirituality, and relationship niches getting high-end clients, as well.

If you’re just starting out as a health coach, you may be wondering how to increase your fees without chasing away new clients? I’m glad you asked! I know most new coaches struggle to get clients. And as a result, they often lower their fees or discount their services just to get clients started.

The key to doubling (or tripling) your income without working harder is to work smarter. I’ve used these strategies many times over the last decade to double (and triple) income for both myself and my clients. I know they can work just as well for you.

Here are my 3 favorite strategies:

1. Offer Specific Results

This is the quickest and easiest way I know to double your income.

Throughout society, specialists have been paid more than generalists because their services are more valuable. Heart surgeons get paid more than general practitioners. The mechanic who works on racecars earns more than the one who fixes imports.

The power of health coaching is that what you help people with can be applied to a number of different specific health issues. So you can easily take your current program that offers general help with health and nutrition and tweak it to offer a specific solution.

Choose a topic that people are desperate to have solved, and you’ll easily be able to double, triple or quadruple your fees. For example, I recently helped a client tweak her current program for blood sugar management into one that helps people reverse diabetes. Same program. Same coaching strategies. Different branding with specific results.

2. Offer a Package or Program

This is the second easiest way to double your income. If you are offering coaching services on a month-to-month basis, offer a program instead.

Let’s face reality. When you’re a health coach, most of your clients won’t get all the results they are looking for within 30 days. But they think they can when they hire you on a monthly basis. That leads to false expectations and disappointment when they don’t know how long the process will take.

With a program, they have a fixed investment, know exactly how long they will be working with you, and have an expectation of what results they will get.

It’s a lot easier to sell a $1500, 3-month program to eliminate menopausal symptoms than it is to sell 3 months of health coaching at $500/month.

3. Restructure Your Program

This is my third favorite strategy, and it works great if you already offer a specific program or package. You want to look at how you are currently offering your services, programs, and packages. Then look for ways to increase the value by offering it differently.

The best way to explain this is with an example. My client Sue helps cancer survivors and their caregivers regain their health and happiness. The brand I created for her is Vibrant Life After Cancer™.

Sue filled her one-on-one practice, and later contacted me because she wanted to offer a $97 monthly membership support site. That way she could help more people.

One of the challenges she faced was getting people interested in the monthly membership since she had a very small email list. Her idea was to offer a simple video training group program to anyone who joined. But she was concerned they might drop out after the first month. Therefore, she might only make $97 per sale.

I showed her how we could combine the video program with the membership to create a 6-month group program. The value of the new 6-month program was easily $997 for her niche – that’s an initial sale of 10 times what she was originally planning to charge! Last I heard, her members were loving the program.


It’s important to have strategies that let you easily increase your income. You only have a limited amount of time to work with clients each month. And most coaches either try to increase the amount of hours they work or raise their fees 10-15% every year.

But that’s working harder, not smarter.

The above 3 strategies will help you easily double your income. And when used together, you could even triple your income while working less!

Best wishes on increasing your health coaching income.

Let me know in the comments below which strategy you want to try or like the best. Or ask a question below; I’d love to hear from you.

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