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Why Don’t They Teach This For Your Niche?

Paying Clients

I graduated from the only Buddhist University in the United States. My major was music and my double minor was theatre and dance. My peers were either:

1. Musicians

2. Dancers

3. Poets

4. Environmental Studies Grads

5. Buddhist Clergy / Religion Geeks

So when I graduated from IIN as a health coach, I wasn’t surrounded by a high net worth peer group. To say ‘finding clients that could pay me was hard’ is like saying ‘habanero peppers are kind of spicy.’

Therefore, I had to find a way to get connected to people that could afford my services but still shared my values.

That is when I met a mentor that would change my life.

The Right Mentor Changes Your Life

My mentor, (we’ll call him “Bob” to respect his desire for a low profile) is wealthy.

He is not only wealthy in the traditional concept of dollars, but also in the realm of relationships; he is one of the most connected and respected people I have ever met. In the domain of the intellect; he is well read, versed and constantly surrounded by new thought leaders and diverse thinkers. In the domain of the spirit; he is growing and stretching his soul everyday.

When I first asked him to mentor me, I had to really show up. I needed to demonstrate that I was serious about growing. He actually had me compete a series of tasks to prove it. Once I made it through the gauntlet, he gave me 20 minutes in our first meeting. And he listened to me for 15 minutes; asked me some tough questions and then told me to do three things:

1. Read the book, Good To Great

2. Get rid of my T.V.

3. Find a mentor that has done what I want to do

So I share this with you, without the gauntlet, if you are really ready to succeed and want to get the distilled wisdom from the best source. If you want to succeed, take heed of this lesson:

1. Study the right books

2. Eliminate distraction

3. Find someone that has achieved what you want

But most importantly, there is one concept from the book Good To Great that every health coach should be familiar with. It is called the hedgehog concept. And the concept is built on three overlapping questions.

Your Foundation for Your Niche & Business

Now, you need to hear this. Think of this as the essence of the essence of the essential lesson that you need to develop your niche. Before you start figuring out your life experiences or doing the market research to determine your, consider these three questions.

1. What am I really passionate about?

2. What can I be the best in the world at?

3. What economic engine will drive this business?

We walk our clients through this process. I feature this in my book, Indestructible Success and I teach this at holistic schools. What I don’t understand is, why don’t other people teach this too?

These three questions have to be part of your nailing your niche. And when you find that sweet spot, your world starts to be like a hedgehog.


Seth Braun

Seth Braun works with high profile clients in Spain, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany and more. His first book became a surprise best-seller at Border's and his most recent book, Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business hit Amazon best-seller status in two categories. Braun is a certified 4 Gateways Coach, certified 4 Gateways Trainer, certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and professional speaker for small, mid and large corporation conferences and association meetings.

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