Don’t have a big list but want more people in your programs?

Do you have a small or unresponsive list?

Would you like to enroll more people in your programs, but feel stuck in terms of how to get the word out to the right people?

The good news is that there are several ways generate interest in your programs, without having a big list.

I know it can feel daunting to figure out WHICH strategies to implement.

I believe that you will be dramatically more successful if you can zero in on your unique marketing “recipe.”
This means implementing the strategies that will work best for YOU, verses your friends or colleagues.

At the beginning of my health coaching days, I worked with a business coach who was more masculine in her approach.
I learned a ton from her and she motivated me to take action to grow my business. My business did grow, but marketing always felt uncomfortable.

I was highly motivated, so I pushed through the discomfort because I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could do to ensure the success of my business.

Over time, my marketing became less effective and I got burned out because I didn’t create my unique “recipe” for marketing.  I was simply following a cookie cutter approach that didn’t feel good and wasn’t “me.”

I want to show you how to avoid making the same mistake that I did.

I now realize that there are many ways to market and promote programs.

One of the things that I believe will insure your success in building your business is feeling comfortable and confident as you market yourself and your programs.
There will be times when you will have to step out of your comfort zone, but that can be an exciting and empowering experience.

What we want to avoid is you simply going through the motions and implementing strategies that don’t feel right to you.

Creating your unique marketing “recipe” has 2 elements.

#1: Tapping into your strengths
What comes easily to you? Where do you feel like you shine?

For example:
Do you love to speak?
Are you great in person?
Do you love leading calls on the phone?
Do you have a knack for engaging people on social media?

Personally, I don’t enjoy speaking in person (and I did a ton of public speaking when I was a health coach), but I love leading teleseminars. This doesn’t mean that I’m not nervous at the beginning of a teleseminar, but overall I find it plays much more to my strengths and energizes me. Whereas, speaking in public drains me.

#2 Pinpointing where there is low hanging fruit.

By this I mean, where are there opportunities right in front of you?

For example:
Do you have a list that is responsive?
Do you have a following on social media?
Can you easily connect with your ideal clients in groups on social media and forums?
Do you have relationships with venues where you can speak?

To create your unique marketing recipe, find where your strengths and the low hanging fruit intersect.

Would you like to dig deeper and learn specific strategies that you can implement to generate interest in your programs (while building your list at the same time)?

I am ready to share these strategies in a FREE Webinar TOMORROW. (If you’re reading this after the call, you can still get access to the replay.)

The strategies I am going to share will work whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while.

I will also share the nitty gritty of how to successfully implement each strategy, so you’re not spinning your wheels. I’m not holding back here!

Free Webinar

“How to Get People Enrolled in Your Programs,
Even if You Don’t Have a Big List.”

Thursday, September 12th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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SPECIAL BONUS! After the webinar, I will send you a detailed marketing timeline that will lay out exactly what to do each week leading up to your launches, so you can stay focused and move forward successfully.

If you want more people in your programs, but don’t know how, this webinar is for you.
Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call. Register anyway, and I’ll send you the recording after the call.

Amy Lippmann

Amy Lippmann is a Marketing Strategist & Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches, which provides done-for-you online marketing solutions for health & wellness entrepreneurs. Amy and her team have helped hundreds of health coaches & nutritionists successfully launch cleanses and detoxes. Go here to get her FREE Guide with Marketing Calendar: “Learn What To Do (and when) To Fill Your Next Online Program.”

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