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How to Be Consistent with Email Marketing for Health Coaching Business Success

Email marketing (that’s your newsletter or ezine) is an essential part of your health coaching business building strategy. The goal is to create a list of ideal clients who opt in to your list because they’re interested in what you have to say.

Because they’ve opted in to your list, you can confidently offer your expertise on a regular basis – straight into their Inbox – and, less often, invite them to join your programs, take advantage of your services and purchase your products.

When your quality offers meet your ideal clients, consistently, the magic happens.

It’s important to not let too much time elapse between your newsletters, or ezines. Sending them twice per month is an excellent start.

No matter which email marketing system you prefer – AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc – the following best practices will apply.

Why it’s important to be consistent

Remain in the mind of your prospective ideal clients.  They may not have been ready to hire you when they joined your list, so when they are ready, you’ll want to be sure they think of you and know exactly how to contact you.

Less unsubscribes and spam reports. When you write to your list infrequently, your newsletter will seem to appear out of nowhere and some of your subscribers will forget they ever opted in and may choose to get off your list, or worse, mark it as spam.

Consistent emails attract more opens, more clicks and more response. Your ezines gradually train your readers to take action, whether it’s clicking a link to read your blog post, making a purchase from you or scheduling an initial consultation. Your reader is more likely to take action on the 3rd or 4th email of a consistent campaign, than the 1st out-of-the-blue newsletter they get from you.

What if you think too much time has passed

There’s no need to apologize or make a fuss over why you haven’t written recently. Believe it or not, they haven’t been sitting around waiting breathlessly for your next newsletter. Just start now and get back on track.

Don’t expect much response from the first few ezines you send after a long pause. It’s OK. Allow some time to re-establish trust and build a new, stronger relationship with your subscribers.

Remember, you’re not bothering them. If you built your list the right way (I hope so!) every subscriber on your list chose to be there. Sending them the newsletter they requested isn’t bothering them, it’s serving them. In most ezines, you’ll share your expertise, offer ideas and info they can use. In every few emails, you can add a call to action, and offer them your product or service.

How to be more consistent

Plan ahead. Schedule a reminder in your calendar every two weeks to write your newsletter/ezine.

Keep it simple. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be a perfect article, with perfect images, recipes and links. Writing consistently and sharing value is more effective than trying for perfection.

When the creative juices are flowing, go with it. Some days it’s easier to write than others. When you find yourself with lots of good ideas, and time to spare, write your next few newsletters in one sitting, and schedule them for later.

Get business support. If you’re too busy to send newsletters consistently, hire a VA (or me and my team of expert VAs) to get it done for you.

If you’re unsure how to get started with email marketing, or you’ve got an account but don’t know what to do with, get in touch and let me help.

Don’t let tech terrors hold you back from having the successful health coaching business you want. Start with an Awesome Tech Breakthrough Session now.

To your awesome biz,

Heather Cottrell

Heather Cottrell shows coaches, bloggers, wellness pros and other mompreneurs how to grow your business online. Get expert support and coaching around content creation, social media strategies and digital marketing specially designed for creative professionals with a mindset for success. Find Heather Cottrell Business Services at and on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn.

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Health Coaching - April 18, 2013

Consistency in sending newsletter to clients really affects and lead to business success .I really use this idea for my old clients to remind them what’s new feature we have started .I would recommend those who are not using email marketing.

    Heather Cottrell - April 18, 2013

    I’m happy to hear you’ve been seeing results from being consistent with your newsletters. It really makes a difference in building that relationship. Thanks for the comment.

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