Client Attraction 101

It’s the New Year, and you’re getting ready to take your health coaching practice to the next level. Congratulations! Whether you want to launch your practice, master social media marketing, start a group program, create a website, or just get three new clients next month, here is a checklist that will make it so much easier to attract clients.

I like to think of these 7 essential steps as Client Attraction 101. Use the checklist with any marketing effort, whether in-person or online, to get more clients, more often.

1. Choose a niche.

A niche is a specific group of people you most want to work with. For example, you might work with people who have diabetes, women who want to lose weight, or people with mood swings. This should be a group that you know you can help improve their lives.

2. Identify your ideal client.

Your ideal client is someone in the niche that would get the best results when working with you. They should also be someone you enjoy working with. For example, you may prefer working with women over 50, or with diabetics who have been diagnosed in the last 2 years, or with men who need to lose at least 50 pounds.

3. Specify your transformation.

Your ideal client has a specific problem. Your transformation is the result or solution that they desperately want. As a holistic practitioner, you can certainly help them improve their health. But to really attract clients, you want to be more specific that that.

For example, do you help women lose weight after the baby is born, show someone how to reverse diabetes, or eliminate mood swings?

4. Create an irresistible branding message.

This is the promise of an experience. It is a combination of the first three above. You want a simple sentence or tag line that will resonate with your ideal client, something they can get excited about.

For instance, if you were talking with a new parent and told them you were the founder of BabySleep, and you help parents and babies get a good night’s sleep every night, do you think that would grab their attention? (The answer is a resounding yes!)

5. Offer something valuable for free.

There are so many things you can offer, depending on where and how you are interacting with potential clients. You can offer a free report, a health breakthrough session, articles online, a checklist, quiz, or assessment.

What’s important is that it is very valuable to your ideal client. This will help you attract the people you most want to work with. It also helps establish your credibility so they know, like, and trust you.

This works best if you combine it with #6 below. Once you offer something for free, you need a way to follow up. I’ve talked to many coaches who tell me they’ve been helping people with free advice for years, but they have no paying clients. They had no way to follow up.

6. Get their name and follow up.

It’s not enough to attract people; you want to attract paying clients. So when you offer someone a free report, discovery session, or assessment, ask for their information so you can follow up with them.

Statistically, people buy from you somewhere between the 5th and 12th contact. You want to touch base with them with a phone call, email, newsletter, or social media post. I personally love and recommend email autoresponders because it allows you to follow up with potential clients on autopilot.

Now there’s just one more essential step to attracting clients…

7. Make them an irresistible offer.

In steps 1 – 6, you’ve learned how to attract people who are potential clients. But they are not an actual client until they hire you (or buy your product). You can offer a private coaching package, a live group program, a teleseminar course, a home study course, a book, an audio program, or a membership.

The key is to make your offer irresistible by offering a program that delivers the experience you promised in step #4 above.

Your offer could include a quick start program, such as how to lose the first 10 pounds or how to do a 10-day detox. Or it could be a long-term program that includes everything they need to reverse heart disease, eliminate acne, or end depression.


The above 7 steps include essential marketing you want to have in place BEFORE you start trying to attract clients. When you use the checklist, you’ll find yourself much more effective, focused, and confident.

Here’s an example of how easy and effective this can be. I’ll use the example above of BabySleep.

You may be waiting around to pick up your child from school and start chatting with a parent that looks sleep deprived.

When they ask, “So what do you do?” you respond, “I’m the founder of BabySleep. I help parents and babies get a good night’s sleep every night.” They immediately start talking about how tired they are because the baby never sleeps through the night, and they want to know, “How do you do that?”

You reply that you’d love to talk with them further and see if you can help them uncover some hidden obstacles that are stopping their baby from sleeping through the night. You get their phone number and set up an appointment on your smartphones for the two of you to have a Sleep Discovery Session. During the session, you offer them your program to help their baby sleep, they say yes, and you’ve got a new client.

You can use a variation on this marketing strategy in YouTube videos, social media marketing, website offers, speaking engagements, and so much more. Whatever strategy you use to take your holistic practice to the next level, this checklist will help you create irresistible marketing so you can attract more clients.

If you’ve found this article helpful, please leave a comment or ask a question below. I love hearing from my readers.

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