Build Your Health Coaching Business with Client Attractive Titles and Subject Lines

Healthy woman eating salad reading magazineYou don’t have to be a marketing expert or a copywriter to succeed at reaching prospective health coaching clients. The most important thing to do is know your audience, write in your own voice and offer valuable content your ideal clients can use on a consistent basis.

Some health coaches, including many of my clients, are good at putting an article together, but then they use a title or subject line that fails to connect. It doesn’t matter how good your article or newsletter is, if no one reads it.

If you get stuck on writing titles, or even coming up with topics to write or speak about, you just need to know where to look for quick and easy inspiration.

Browse magazine titles at the checkout line

Next time you’re on line at the store, take a look at the covers of the most popular health and beauty magazines for your target market. The article headlines on the covers are designed to sell those magazines, and using headlines like these for your own articles will inspire your website visitors to read your blog posts and your list members to open your emails.

Some of those titles you can use nearly as is (don’t worry – if you were to look at these covers over a long period you’ll find the same headlines are used repeatedly and are basically interchangeable from magazine to magazine). You can also use them to learn how to write your own snazzy headlines.

For example, if you’re a health coach with a target market that includes women in their 30s and 40s, you’ll find headlines like these on popular magazines:

Examples from the covers of Shape Magazine

5 Weird Weight-Loss Questions, Answered!
10 Delicious Ways to Cook Pumpkin: This antioxidant-packed fall favorite has never looked (or tasted) better!
5 Surprising Effects of Supplements
7 Stubborn Fitness Myths
20 Minute Metabolism Booster: Turn your body into a fat-burning furnace with this metabolic conditioning routine.
5 Things You Don’t Know About Fat
Is Sugar Giving You Wrinkles? It’s time to face facts about the toll sugar takes on skin. Get the scoop here, and learn how to keep your complexion youthful for years to come.

Examples from the covers of Whole Living Magazine

Intuition and Health: Hear the body when it whispers
Rev Up Your Snacks! Delicious, healthy mini-meals for all day energy
Get Healthy Now: 10 essential steps to staying well
Build a Better Sandwich: 10 Delicious Combos to Boost Nutrition and Drop Pounds

Examples from the covers of Oprah Magazine

7 (Non-Yogurt) Snacks that Improve Digestion
4 Habits that are Making You Feel Bloated
Quick Tips for Managing Your Stress

Look beyond the titles for great topics to write about and new joint venture ideas

Make a habit of noticing titles when you’re out and about and jot them down in a notebook, or use your phone to snap a quick pic. Now you’ve got some great topic ideas for your next blog post, article or talk.

Pay attention to the other headlines on those magazines for joint venture ideas and potential referral partner ideas. Use those covers to learn more about your target market. For example, your ideal client might love Oprah Magazine for the health articles, but also reads it for the features about fitness, wellness, fashion, books, relationships, careers and more.

Complementary specialties can be a great way to serve your target market through collaborations. Make a list of the colleagues, events, local centers, bloggers and authors you know who also serve your ideal clients.

Use magazine titles to learn how to write your own titles and subject lines that will speak to your ideal clients and help build your health coaching business.

What makes these titles work

1) Numbers are attractive and let the reader know it’s going to be a quick read with a clear number of tips they can use.

2) The best titles get straight to the point and make it clear what the post or newsletter is about and what’s in it for them.

3) Short and sweet can work, and a descriptive sub-heading can also be effective.

4) You’ll do better to write the way you speak, keep it simple and not try to be overly cute or clever.

5) It’s worth repeating: know your audience. Write directly to your ideal client with their needs in mind.

Experiment. Try playing with these titles to make them your own and look for some more good ones next time you pass by a magazine stand or get bored on line at the market.

You don’t even have to leave home to gather great new ideas for your health coaching business. Browse the magazines’ websites for article headlines. Pay attention to the titles given to upcoming segments on daytime television and news programs geared towards your target market too.

Have fun with it. Go with what feels good, make it your own and get your passion out into the world.

To your awesome business,

Heather Cottrell

Heather Cottrell shows coaches, bloggers, wellness pros and other mompreneurs how to grow your business online. Get expert support and coaching around content creation, social media strategies and digital marketing specially designed for creative professionals with a mindset for success. Find Heather Cottrell Business Services at and on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn.

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Janeth Dawson - November 10, 2013

Great article especially with the headlines examples from the authority sites but you missed out the main part why they also have these headlines even though google is changing the algoritme a bit – They all have the keywords they want to rank the particular article for.

    Heather Cottrell - November 19, 2013

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, keywords are a consideration when writing titles. However, as you pointed out, Google is always changing things, so I find that keeping the focus on writing valuable content consistently, and enticing folks to read it with a good title, goes a long way to increase traffic and attract more clients 🙂

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