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Emotional Connection Matters More Than Customer Satisfaction

There is an excellent HBR (Harvard Business Review) article, September 2016, that talks about the concept that emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction, and I completely agree. When you have an emotional connection, you have a relationship, you have a bond that people don’t want to break, there’s value in that relationship, right? So, when […]

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Build Your Brand as You Build Your Business

I’d like to discuss the concept of building your brand as you build a business, and doing that correctly up front. One of the mistakes that many small business owners make is they wait too long to start marketing and branding. They say, “I have no resources. I’m a boot-strap start up brand. I don’t have start up capital, so […]

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When It’s Time For a Change

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you decided to change everything all at once?  Yeah, this was one of those weeks.  It all started when I finally decided to update the homepage of my website.  I have not been thrilled with the homepage for awhile now, but have been putting off doing […]

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