Limiting Beliefs

Are You Boxed in By Limiting Beliefs About Your Wellness Business Success?

For twelve years I lived in a one-room studio with no kitchen sink. Sure it was in a cool Brooklyn neighborhood, close to the city, and my rent was excellent. When I moved in I planned to stay just one year and then find something bigger.

But I let myself get stuck. There were plenty of reasons I stayed there so long, but I can see in retrospect how I had boxed myself in with limiting beliefs.

Some part of me had the idea that a one-room studio was my match. It was what I “deserved” and all I needed. When I first started looking at new apartments last Fall in Dutchess County, NY I found myself most comfortable with the studios at first. “It’s a much bigger studio” I said to myself, “and it has a kitchen sink!”

So glad I caught myself.

Self-awareness is essential to creating the life you want.

I quickly decided I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a one-bedroom and went back to craigslist to search again. That’s when I saw a listing for a cute two-bedroom apartment. And it cost just slightly more than I’d been paying all those years.

When I arrived to see the two-bedroom it turned out there were two of them available on the same property. One was small, and one was large.

When I walked into the larger two-bedroom apartment I instantly fell in love. In many ways, it fit the idea in my head of what a “real” apartment looked like. It looked like the kind of place a “grown-up” would live in.

Still stuck in my box of limiting beliefs, I tried to talk myself out of the bigger place. I didn’t feel like a match for it. Like it was better than me.

What an eye-opener!

I can see now all the other ways I box myself in. I had ideas about how much money I could earn. And I was running my business on a seven year old 13″ MacBook (far from ideal for a tech business!)

Becoming aware of this box I chose to lock myself into has changed everything. I made a choice to step out of it.

I’m writing this post on my gorgeous new 21.5″ iMac, from my home office. My home office, the second bedroom of my two-bedroom apartment, is my favorite room in the house. Plus I’m well on track to more than double last year’s income.

And all it took, really, was noticing the tiny limiting boxes I’d built up around me, and leaving them behind.

What helped me notice my boxes and recognize what I wanted instead, was surrounding myself with successful colleagues and hiring great coaches.

Your boxes may have nothing to do with the size of your home, your computer or your bank account. They can be limiting ideas about how good your body can feel, how loving your relationships can be and how much success you can have.

If you’re anything like me and my clients, you probably have limiting ideas about what you can earn in your wellness practice and how much power you have to create the business you want. You may limit yourself by charging too little for your services, by seeing clients at night when you’d rather not, or by always chasing the next new thing, not trusting yourself to stay focused on one thing at a time in your business.

All because you think you should. Should is a great box maker!

Take an honest look at what you believe about yourself and your business. What are the boxes you’ve created for yourself? Once you see them, it’s easier to laugh at the silliness that got you stuck in a tiny apartment with a tiny income.

Step outside your box and see what else is possible!

Ready for a bigger box? Are your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in overwhelm about the tech you need to build your business? Let’s talk about what’s possible when you let yourself think bigger. Schedule an Awesome Business Breakthrough Session now. Use coupon code HCW20 for a discount!

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