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How to Attract Way More Clients with Compelling Brand Messaging

To increase her email list, a health coach who was new to having her own business wanted to launch a green smoothie 21-day fit and fantastic challenge. Unfortunately no one signed up. Why?

Brand messaging is the way that you describe your company. It is the carefully chosen words you use to tell the world what you do, who you are, and how you do it.

When done correctly, it drives every single ideal I-love-this-guy client into doing business with you. Case in point, where do you do your grocery shopping? Whole Foods shoppers have a completely different set of demands than, say, Bottom Dollar Foods shoppers, yes?

How to Use Brand Messaging

The reason no one signs up, grabs their free copy now, or subscribes today is simply because your brand does not resonate with them, and/or they do not need what you have to offer. (Assuming you have good website traffic but low conversion rates.)

If you want to bring in the right people, you have to understand what they want. You need to package your offerings in a way that appeals to them. This means using the right titles and headlines to describe what you do in a way that appeals to your ideal audience.

And let me be a little clear on what I don’t mean:

  • This does not mean you have to change around your whole program.
  • This does not mean you can only work with this type of client.
  • This does not mean you will be less “you” because you’re in a niche.

It simply means you need to think about who you really want to work with while eliminating generic, tired, old brand messaging that applies to everyone.

Attracting More Clients

In the case of the green smoothie health coach, she did not attract any subscribers for a few reasons:

  • There were several similar challenges; hers was not unique
  • Getting fit is a worn out offer – don’t we all want health?
  • People want fast, easy and cheap no matter what

Instead, what other woes does an audience who wants to lose weight and/or people who need a health coach suffer from? Here is what the brand messaging should look like:

  • Free 10-Day Diabetic Weightloss Juicing Diet
  • 21-Day Wedding Weightloss Smoothie Challenge
  • Feeling tired? 4 Smoothie Recipes to Boost You Up
  • Fast 5-Day Weightloss Kickstarter (Little Black Dress Approved)

“Well,” she told me, “that’s not what I do. The program isn’t about that and I am trying to get the subscribers into a four tier weightloss support program.”

Does that feedback sound like you? Are you stuck in your old one-track way of offering your products and services?

The way to attract more clients is simple; target them with a specific goal. Be that thing they need that fixes their problem in a serious way. And let them know that you are “the” expert in the area you’re counseling them in.

Then, after you’ve attracted women trying to lose that last stubborn five pounds, or diabetics with serious restrictions, or newly engaged brides, then you can sell them into another program, yes?

Or… you can just keep your brand messaging simple by becoming the diabetic’s health coach because you will understand their unique set of no-sugar low-glycemic-index needs and they will love working with you – which is also a pretty sweet side effect of the right brand messaging, isn’t it?

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